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Do teenagers harm to computer games?

Do teenagers harm computer games?

Many parents worry about their child, who sits all night playing computer games. It argued that game hurt the psyche and form aggressive behavior.

But is it?

According to opinion polls, more than 70% todayteenagers regularly play computer games. The parents believe that their child is the infatuation hinders social development, hinders learning, and most importantly - provoking violence and aggression. However, studies of Western experts do not confirm this relationship.

Plunging into the virtual world, the teenager is well aware that the opponents drawn. These games do not teach the student to kill for real.

Aggressive behavior in everyday life usually occurs due to the internal troubles of the world, therefore it is necessary to consider first of all what is happening in the soul of a child.

Some games can even be useful. They are able to develop teamwork skills, ability to analyze and even social skills as well as broaden their horizons.

Parents should arrange with your child abouttime that he will spend on the computer. But before you start the game, the teenager must perform their duties at home and prepare homework. Limit a child in a completely not worth the games, since such exposure will only increase the attractiveness of your computer.

You should also pay attention to the age limit for a particular game.

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