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Do Pedigree harm?

Do Pedigree Harmful

Pedigree is considered the first dry food, which entered the Russian market.

The owners are willing to buy such food for dogs, because it was a good alternative to a variety of soups and porridges.

Thus several times reduced cooking time for the dog.

Proper formation of the diet is very important forhealth, prevention of many diseases and duration of the dog's life. In today's market there are many suggestions that without too much trouble to feed a pet. And the owner of the four-legged friend is trying to choose the best and healthy dining options.

pros Pedigree

Manufacturers such a popular dog foodPedigree reported an excellent quality at reasonable prices. The advertising of this product indicates that a job is created, taking into account all the needs of the animal: antioxidants improve immunity, OMEGA-support complex joints, and balanced content of minerals and vitamins providing a great feeling.
Veterinarians disagree, but indicate that the food belongs to the class of economy and at least has some significant drawbacks.
Even the most excellent dry food can notconsidered constant food. Such food is easy to use, and owners often give their preference for this way of eating. animal body is initially set at a natural fibrous foods. The owner must follow the increased drinking pet mode.

cons Pedigree

Modern veterinary clinic noted a discrepancybetween the claimed compound feed and meat and its actual content. Some experts say that for the production of such food using a series of chemical flavor enhancers and lots of waste not reported, among which may be altogether bad for the digestion.
The big difference in price and quality of Pedigreedomestic and foreign production. But both versions are able to cause a lot of allergies, digestive problems. Plus the lack of an energy value of the product, forcing increasing portions.
Modern veterinary medicine is increasingly promotedthe most natural way of feeding animals. Experts note that it is better, if necessary, under the supervision of a physician to diversify the diet due to the introduction of biologically active additives. Ready Pedigree viewed more as food in extreme conditions, when there are no other options for feeding.

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