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Will henna hurt my hair?


Does henna hurt hair?</a>

Women want to always look attractive, but for this you need to take care not only about your health, but also about the appearance.

A great way to bring color to your appearance is to dye your hair.

Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity still use henna, which can do hair not only good, but also harm.

Useful properties of henna

In permanent synthetic paints addSpecial reagents that open the scales and allow the dye to penetrate the interior of the hair. The effect of henna compared with such a tool is mostly gentle. Henna does not destroy the natural pigment when staining, but only envelops the hair, giving the volume and leveling it, creating a protective thin layer. Painted in this way, the curls are protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. And the color of sea water is not terrible, although for chemical dyes this is one of the main risk factors.
Henna makes hair more dense, elastic,Dense and lush, gives a rich color. Thanks to the content of tannins, henna gives the hair a healthy sheen. Such natural dye normalizes water-fat metabolism, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Tanning substances pull outer flakes, damaged hair is gradually restored. Henna stimulates blood circulation, strengthens hair roots and nourishes the scalp, eliminates dandruff and promotes the growth of healthy hair rods.
After the first application, the result is visible. Henna has no contraindications for either adults or children. This dye is hypoallergenic, therefore it is a good alternative for women who have an allergic reaction to chemical paints. Nursing and pregnant women can use henna without risk to the health of the child.

Harm of henna

In addition, henna can do hairSignificant harm. If too often to use henna, then the hair can become dry. As a result, the frequent use of natural dye has the opposite effect - the curls become dull. The protective layer is broken by repeated penetration of the dye, as a result, the hair begins to be cut. With loss of moisture, they lose their strength, become weakened and drop out. Strands become harder, hard to lay down.
The color obtained after staining with henna,It is almost impossible to change with the help of artificial dyes. Henna protects the hair, that is, the dye pigments can not penetrate the strands. Do not use chemical paint until henna-stained hair completely grows. The reaction can give an absolutely unpredictable result, down to a radical orange, blue or green shades. Henna is not easy to wash off hair. To do this you will need a large amount of water. To wash off henna it is necessary very carefully and longly, until the water becomes completely transparent.

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