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Do HARM magnets on the fridge of his work

Do Harm magnets on the fridge of his work

Souvenirs number 1, imported from traveling abroad, out of town, is a magnet with a beautiful picture.

Most often, this picture with views of the city, the image of cute animals and more. Miniature size and aesthetic appeal allows the use of magnets to decorate the refrigerator.

Many people even collect such items.

However, not everyone knows how to affect magnets for work and home appliances household health.

The debate about whether health hazard magnetshuman and cooler operation, underway for several years. That's because the magnets made of boron alloy, iron and neodymium, has a strong magnetic field. Therefore, it can be argued that such decorative items and collectibles can affect humans. But not on the equipment in the house!

The magnets are dangerous?

Neodymium magnets often at timessmaller than iron. Actually, for fixing souvenirs only used a small piece of metal, and the product itself is made of plastic, wood. Therefore, a significant impact on the serviceability of the refrigerator such magnets can not render. It should take into account the fact that the magnets are screen to external magnetic fields, but not the internal working components of household appliances, enclosed inside the housing.

To distinguish from neodymium magnets from the iron, it is necessary to pay attention to color products. Conventional iron products have a dull gray color, neodymium same - brilliant.

A weak magnetic field, despite assurancesPhysical scientists, may still affect the environment. Household magnets are dangerous for people with pacemakers. Neodymium magnets are able to destabilize the electronic device.

Myths about the dangers of magnets for the fridge

Magnets are attached to the surfacerefrigerator may have a coating only damage the refrigerator. If you often rearrange the items on the paint may remain traces of - scratches. And if you do not take care of the refrigerator, do not remove the dust under the magnet, the formation of rust on the surface of the equipment. Also souvenir magnets can leave dark spots on the paint. Clear them uneasy. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of products, check the place of attachment. And frankly do not buy cheap magnets, items having a strong chemical smell.

The use of magnets is possible and in medical applications, magnetic therapy helps to improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism and eliminate congestion.

To protect the family and guests from possiblenegative phenomena, buy fridge magnets in the audited stores, and not in the street stalls. It is worth noting that on the basis of neodymium magnets are often used for the manufacture of toys, speakers and other products.

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