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Is the pampers harmful for the boy?


Is the diaper harmful for the boy?</a>

Unconditionally disposable diapers (pampers) wereCreated with one noble goal: to simplify the life of the child and his mother. But let's see how they are safe for our kids, in particular for our little boys.

And how you can protect them from the problems arising in the process of wearing.

All kinds of diapers are designed for a certainTime of use and the amount of liquid absorbed. If these conditions are not observed, it ceases to work for good and begins to harm. The skin of babies is very different from the skin of an adult, it is more friable, produces much more sweat, very tender and vulnerable. That's why she often suffers from sweating and purulent-inflammatory diseases. Keep in mind that the baby's clothing is well let in air, does not hinder evaporation from the skin and absorbs moisture well.
In the diaper favorable environment for reproductionGerms, the child can become irritable and whiny. Let your kid rest from the diaper, he should not be in it around the clock! Moreover, he will develop a habit of widely spreading his legs, and at an older age, when the child learns to stand, and then walk around, a "pampersky gait" may form, which, you will agree, is not very good.
Another disadvantage of the diaper is that the mother can notTo follow the frequency of urination of the child and may miss the moment of onset of the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system. With the disease, the frequency varies, especially in boys.
Parents need to know that the constant elevated temperature in the childbearing area of ​​boys during the ripening of the testicles can disrupt their work in the future and even provoke infertility.
When you constantly wear a diaper in a childA false sense of comfort is formed and the conditioned reflex to urination is not developed, so parents have to turn to a neurologist with symptoms of urinary incontinence in children 3-5 years old.
For the most part, all these problems occur during the misuse of the diaper, so I suggest a few rules that will help you avoid many troubles:
- Change diapers more often! Do not wait until the absorbent layer is overfilled and starts to "leak".
- Buy diapers with at least three layers, they must absorb well, retain moisture and protect from leaks.
- Do not wash disposable diapers! Saving here is useless, the health of the baby is more important.
- Let your crumb rest from the pampers, let him run and frolic at home without him.
- Begin to teach the baby to the pot. The first attempts can be started from 6-8 months, by the year you will already have visible results and probably soon you will not need diapers.

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