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HARMFUL Does diaper for a boy?

Harmful whether the diaper for a boy?

Certainly disposable nappies (diapers) werecreated with a noble purpose: to make life easier for the child and his mother. But let's see how they are safe for our kids, especially for our young boys.

And how can you prevent them from arising in the process of socks problems.

All kinds of diapers are designed for a specifictime and amount of use of absorbents. Failure to comply with these conditions, it does not operate for the benefit and starts to hurt. Baby skin is very different from the skin of an adult, it is looser, produces much more sweat is very delicate and vulnerable. That is why it often suffers from prickly heat, and chronic inflammatory diseases. Make sure that the baby clothes are well pass the air, did not hinder the evaporation from the skin and absorbs moisture.
The diapers favorable environment for reproductionmicrobes, the child may become irritable and whiny. Give your child a break from diapers, it should not be stored in it around the clock! Moreover, he developed the habit of straddle, and at an older age, when a child learns to stand and walk and then he can form "have the diaper gait" that you will agree, is not very good.
Another shortcoming of diapers is that mom can notkeep track of the frequency of urination and the child may miss the start of the inflammation in the genitourinary system. When the frequency of the disease varies, especially in boys.
Parents need to know that the constant fever in the genital area of ​​the boys during the maturation of the testicles can impair their performance in the future and even trigger infertility.
With constant wear diapers the babysformirovyvaetsya a false sense of comfort, and it does not generate a conditioned reflex to urinate, so parents have to go to a neurologist with symptoms of urinary incontinence in children 3-5 years.
Most of these problems arise in the course of misuse of diapers, so I suggest a few rules that will help avoid many troubles:
- Change diapers frequently! Do not wait until the absorbent layer will overflow and will "leak".
- Buy diapers with at least three layers, they should be well absorb, retain moisture and protect against leaks.
- In no case do not wash diapers! Savings here for anything, baby's health is more important.
- Let's take a break from your crumbs diapers, let it run and sports at home without him.
- Begin to teach your baby to the pot. The first attempts you can start from 6-8 months to a year you will already visible results and pampers you may not need in the near future.

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