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DANGEROUS if a cold shower after a workout?

Harmful if a cold shower after a workout?

After a grueling workout can not wait to take water treatments.

They eliminate the odor and also relax and tone up tired muscles.

What is the most preferred water temperature in this case?

On a cold shower

A cold shower is able to cheer up after a goodtraining and fill the athlete with energy. For a person trained and having good health, such a procedure is safe. Hardened vessels declined rapidly under the influence of cold, thus speeding up the flow of blood. The body in the shortest possible time is saturated with oxygen, and come a sense of vivacity and freshness to man. It is connected with the development glutadiona, which is a powerful antioxidant. Another positive aspect of taking cold showers due to the fact that after he felt less pain and tension from tired muscles loads. As a result, the athlete does not feel discomfort after exercise.
In a case where a person is not prepared and nothardened, vascular tone is weak. Then the cold shower, they do not have time to cut at the right time and, on the contrary, relax. Man begins sleepy. And instead of the expected tidal forces, he gets completely opposite effect.

Ideal shower after sports loadings - alternating hot and cold water. Douches should be taken for 7-10 minutes.

How to take a cold shower

Man only began attending the gym,you must comply with the measure of all: how to load, and the duration of employment. Do not immediately after training to get up under the icy shower. Rest for 10-15 minutes, restoring the calm rhythm of breathing and heartbeat. The water temperature in the shower first, should not be below 38 degrees. Little standing under the cool water, make it a little colder.
To accustom the body to cold should be gradually, each time slightly decreasing the temperature of the water. The ideal time of year to start hardening after sporting loads - summer.

Taking a cold shower, do not soak your head, to avoid colds or even meningitis.

This is counter cold shower

A number of diseases such as: thrombosis, oncology, or hypertension, is a strict contraindication to take a cold shower, but in this case, the shower can be replaced by a relaxing bath. If there are heart disease: arrhythmia, malformation, requires preliminary consultation of the doctor. In other cases, if the procedure does not cause discomfort, but rather gives positive emotions, cold shower after exercise is good for health and well-being.

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