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HARMFUL Does laminating hair?

Harmful if laminating hair?

Not so long ago appeared in the salons of serviceHair laminating, in a short time it has gained enough popularity. This is not surprising, very few people refuse to promise a brilliant result, which is achieved in just a two-hour procedure.

However, there is another side of popularity: laminating topic had time to acquire the rumors and negative reviews.

So what is the truth: harmful or helpful this procedure?

Analyzing, harmful or not lamination, forFirst, let's find out what is the procedure. The basic principle is to cover the hair with a special compound, whereby a protective breathable film. After lamination, each hair expands, its surface becomes smooth, exfoliated flakes are smoothed.

Biolaminirovanie, screening and ellyuminirovanie - analogues of classical lamination. Their operating principle is the same, the difference is small in structure and brands of the drugs.

Opinion hairdressers about the usefulness of laminating

Hairdressers and beauty salons masters saylamenirovante as a medical procedure. Usefulness of content is explained in the means used to cover a large amount of wheat proteins and other substances that are useful for hair. Moreover, the image breathable film protects hair from negative environmental factors.
Yet not always necessary to believe the words of the salonprofessionals 100%, because they are interested in, to customers as much as possible to spend wonderful procedure. But lamination not cheap. Each session the effect of which lasts no more than two weeks is about 3000 rubles, so to maintain a constant brightness in the month have to spend at least up to 6000 rubles.

To maintain the effect of lamination, use only special shampoos and balms, conditioners, which can be purchased at the hairdresser is not at the lowest prices.

However, price is not a major barrier tofulfillment of desires, if you really want, really do lamination in the home alone. To do this, you need to purchase special equipment, and can and do use the popular recipes on the basis of gelatin.

The opinion of doctors about the dangers of hair lamination

Arguing that visual positiveresult after lamination is really present, no one is going. Indeed, on average hair volume increased by 25%, hair is radiant and look more well-groomed, but nevertheless, this cosmetic procedure leads to a rather unpleasant consequences. The problems begin after the enveloping film has completely washed off from hair.
The composition, which first disappears smoothflakes is not washed off after uniformly and simply disappears pieces. Thus it is even more touches her hair, making them more porous, and their views groomed.
Despite the fact that in the salons saybreathability of the film, the doctors say that it still covers the air access, resulting in weakened hair. Furthermore, after application, shag mass increases and the roots do not withstand the load, resulting in subsequent hair loss.
From all the above we can conclude: lamination - is an aesthetic procedure, any curative effect for the hair she has. If you really have the desire to be beautiful, and most importantly, healthy hair, it is best to spend the money for treatment and strengthening hair.

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