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Is it harmful to laminate hair?</a>

Not so long ago in the salons there was a serviceLaminating hair, for a short time it has gained quite a lot of popularity. This is not surprising, few will refuse the promised brilliant result, which is achieved in just a two-hour procedure.

However, there is another side to popularity: the topic of lamination has acquired negative feedback and rumors.

So, what is the truth: is this procedure harmful or useful?

When deciding whether or not lamination is harmful, forIt is worth starting to find out what this procedure is. The main principle is to cover the hair with a special composition, resulting in a protective air-permeable film. After lamination each hair grows in volume, its surface becomes equal, the exfoliated scales are smoothed.

Biolamination, screening and elluminization are analogues of classical lamination. Their principle of operation is the same, a small difference lies in the composition and brands of the drugs used.

The opinion of hairdressers about the usefulness of lamination

Hairdressers and masters of beauty salons talk aboutLamenirovate, as a medical procedure. The usefulness is explained by the content of the means used for coating, a large number of wheat proteins and other substances useful for hair. Moreover, the resulting breathable film protects the hair from negative environmental factors.
Nevertheless, it is not always necessary to believe the words of the salonExperts on 100%, after all they are interested in that clients as much as possible spent for wonderful procedures. But lamination is not a cheap pleasure. Each session the effect of which lasts no more than two weeks is about 3000 rubles, so to maintain a constant shine in a month you will have to spend at least up to 6000 rubles.

To maintain the effect of lamination it is necessary to use only special shampoos and conditioner rinses, which can be purchased from a hairdresser not at the lowest prices.

However, price is not a serious barrier toThe fulfillment of desires, if you really want, to really do lamination at home yourself. To do this, you need to purchase special products, and you can even use national recipes based on gelatin.

The opinion of doctors about the dangers of laminating hair

To argue with the fact that the visual positiveThe result after lamination is really present, no one is going. Indeed, the volume of hair on average increases by 25%, hair gains shine and looks more well-groomed, but nevertheless this cosmetic procedure leads to rather unpleasant consequences. Problems begin after the wrapping film is completely washed off from the hair.
Composition that first smooths the fallen offScales, after it is not washed off evenly, but simply disappears by pieces. Thus, he even more clings hair, making them more porous, and their appearance is not groomed.
Despite the fact that the salons talk aboutAir permeability of the film, the doctors claim that it still blocks the access of air, resulting in the hair weakening. Moreover, after applying the composition, the mass of the head of hear increases, and the roots do not withstand the load, which leads to the subsequent loss of hair.
From all of the above, we can conclude: Lamination is an aesthetic procedure, it has no therapeutic effect for hair. If really there is a desire to have a beautiful, and most importantly, healthy hair, it is best to spend money on the treatment and strengthening of hair.

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