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Hardening the child's body

Hardening of the child's body

It is fashionable to assign familiar with childhood objects and phenomena new names.

That's good and useful hardening are now turned to unusual effect, though the meaning is not changed by this.

Scientific evidence shows that hardening trains the body, making it impervious to cold and disease.

How to properly temper the child, so he grew up healthy, strong and powerful?



Quenched their child must be from the very first days of his life, but this should be done after consulting a physician and co-ordination, especially with respect to preterm or sick children.


Make sure that the child hardening treatments are comfortable and allow it to adapt to the outside world. Reduce the temperature of the water after only three weeks from the start of classes.


Take air bath, rubdown, pouring contrast. Also, no harm will be airing the premises, walking and dreams outdoors.


Remember that hardening is only effective when it is regular, so it must be entered in the normal mode of the day, like a dream, walking, washing, games and food.


Hardening should be gradual, so it is necessary to gradually shift from weak to stronger hardening.


Know the measure, because excessive holding hardening procedures can cause diseases that may adversely affect your child's desire to be tempered in the future.


Hardening should be carried out only when your baby is completely healthy and is in good spirits.


If a child is naughty, a negative attitude to the procedure or shivering from the cold, immediately transfer procedure, or, better yet, cancel it for today.

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