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Even if you are not a fan of sandals, and prefer to wear ballet shoes or slippers in summer, you still need to have the perfect pedicure.

Care of the feet begins with a simple procedure. You need to steam your legs in a bath with warm water for 7-10 minutes. To quickly soften the skin, you need to dissolve the mors, or the usual large salt in the water. You can add antiseptics: a couple drops of essential oil of tea tree or bergamot. Then pat the feet with a towel.

Common mistake - right after the bathFiling nails. Water makes the nail plate soft, it is easy to damage by rough pressure of the file and cause stratification. Therefore, first the feet are polished, so that the heels become as in a baby.

The most modern are diamond graters. They are good because they gently remove the top layer of the skin and are suitable for treating problem areas with cracks.

The main thing in filing nails, do not round offCorners. This leads to their ingrowth. Try to keep the line as level as possible. Hold the file parallel to the nail at a slight angle and guide it in one direction. Pay attention to the cuticle, it should be as smooth and neat as on the hands. Nourish it with moisturizing oil to prevent burrs.

Choosing a varnish for a pedicure, remember fashionableTrends. Iridescent colors are popular: yellow, orange, blue, green. Hit of the season "sand" varnishes. In the bottle they usually look, but when applied, the surface becomes rough, as if sprinkled with sand.

Pedicure should be done ideally once a halfOf the week. To make the feet look well-groomed, every day before going to bed, nourish with moisturizing cream and once a week make nourishing masks, foot massage.

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