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Does it happen that divination by different hands is different


Fortune-telling is one of the oldestWays of prophecy. It allows you to learn a lot about the fate of a person, his motivation, way of thinking and other aspects of the person. A complete idea of ​​a person can be made by studying both his hands.

Palmistry, as a science, is divided into twoPart - actually palmistry and chiroginomy. The first one studies the signs and lines on the palms, analyzes the past and predicts the future. The second examines the shape of the fingers and hands, studies hereditary influences and predispositions.

The structure, shape, size of the hands, palm saturation with various lines provide important information about the character of the person, giving the basis for a more detailed analysis of the situation.

Traditionally it is believed that the left and right palmsRepresent different facets of one person. The left hand shows the inherited, unrealized potential of the person. The lines on the right hand demonstrate that part of the potential that you managed to realize in this life. That is why to get a full picture of the fate and nature of a person, it is common to study both palms. It is necessary to take into account that some life events can manifest only on one palm.

In most cases, the left hand shows, withThan you are born, and the right - as you dispose of this and what you achieve. If a person is left-handed, the palm should be read in a mirror. It should always be remembered that quite a large number of congenital left-handers have been retrained in childhood, that's why most palmists always update this information from clients before analyzing their palms.

The left hand reflects the inner true essence. On your left palm you can see your motivations and mental movements. This hand tells about difficult problems, events and words that hurt you, strong feelings, in other words - that left a deep emotional trace in life. The left palm keeps information about your real personality, you can see on it the reflection of your secret dreams, fears, problems. This hand is associated with creativity, it recognizes the propensity for this or that kind of art, the presence of talents. Many parents bring their children to the palmistry at a fairly early age to find out what talents and abilities will need to be developed in the future. On the left hand are visible complex nodal moments of a person's life, age and circumstances, which will require close attention in the future.

The right hand shows everything that you are used toTo flaunt. Signs on this hand can suggest the best ways to achieve success in your career, the only way you can achieve financial well-being and high status in society. The right palm demonstrates possible ways of solving those problems and the development of nodal events, information about which can be found on the left hand.

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