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Hanging strawberry gardens


Very tasty and beautiful, all well-known strawberry berry grows not only in the garden. In Holland, Denmark, Estonia there are special hanging gardens for growing strawberries.

Hanging strawberry gardens

Strawberry is a very useful berry, it containsA lot of vitamins. It is eaten for the prevention of eye diseases, with gout and arthritis, with kidney and liver disease. Often it is used to prevent such serious diseases as: brain inflammation, cancer, hypertension, heart disease.

Unfortunately, the strawberry season in our countryVery short, only one can be collected for it, at best two crops. Because of this, the strawberry is in great demand and high prices. All year round you can buy imported strawberries from the same Holland, but the taste is not so sweet, and the useful properties are not the same.

For lovers of this wonderful berry there is a way out- a hothouse and hanging strawberry gardens. Similar practice is already in many countries, and it has perfectly proved itself. For those who do not have a summer residence and their own plot, you can use a simpler option - pendant pots with strawberries on a window or balcony.

The advantages of growing strawberries on weight are very simple and obvious:

1. For a start, this harvest at any time of year convenient for you, if you want, all year round.

2. The ability to turn to the sun plant.

3. Berries do not deteriorate, touching the ground, grow more clean and tidy, the right shape.

Make such a garden by force even a beginner. For the garden you need: a frame with wooden racks or hooks for flowerpots, long narrow drawers, if you make a garden on racks, and pots with a trailing bottom, if done on suspensions.

Choose a sunny open place and proceedWork. Well, fasten the frame, it must be stable. Arrange at a distance of 10-15 cm pots or seedlings in boxes of sprouts. For the soil, you can use special peat tablets or "quick soil" tablets. If you make such a garden indoors and take good care of it, you can achieve 4-5 crops per year. However, every 3-4 years will have to completely change all the seedlings. And keep in mind that in the first year you should not wait for the biggest harvest.

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