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How to hang wallpaper on the ceiling alone

How to hang wallpaper on the ceiling alone

Papered ceiling alone - not an easy task, but you can deal with it. Due to the texture, color and wallpaper patterns create an original atmosphere in the room.

Therefore, the process wallpapering must be accurate and correct.

For low ceilings ideal wallpaper,that have bright colors, small and pale figures. In rooms with high ceilings can be pasted wallpaper, dark tones are different. Not a bad option for the ceiling wallpaper - liquid wallpaper.

Tools for pasting wallpaper:

- stremyanka-

- Capacity for breeding kleya-

- Mixer stroitelnyy-

- Roulette for razmetki-

- Knife oboynyy-

- Roller, which has a long rukoyatku-

- Bath malyarnaya-

- Rags, brushes.

surface preparation

Before pasting ceiling wallpaper must beto prepare the surface. To free space on the furniture, wash whitewash from the ceiling and remove the old wallpaper. For qualitative fit wallpaper surface should be smooth and even. Eliminate irregularities help spatula or a Bulgarian with cutting wheel.

Concrete structures may be in the ceiling of the valve, which comes to the surface. Before wallpapering should be painted all metal surfaces, otherwise rust may occur through the wallpaper.

In the presence of cracked plaster and cracks atusing a chisel all need to be addressed. Edit ceiling primer deep penetration. The room temperature must be at least 20 degrees. It is important to avoid drafts and air movements should not be.

Then you need to pick up the glue. It differs in composition and preparation depending on the type of wallpaper. To carry out counting the number of rolls and you can start gluing process.

Stages of work

  1. Measure and cut the strips to length.
  2. Prepare a place for promazyvaniya wallpaper glue (table, floor).
  3. Arrange the plates on the table wallpaper coating and adhesive fluff using a wide brush.
  4. Wallpaper leaf leave to soak, meanwhile fluff band ceiling, which will be pasted wallpaper list.
  5. Attach to the ceiling wallpaper, and holding the blade with one hand smooth soft roll.
  6. Carefully drill the rest of the canvas, hold the hand of the free and smooth pasted section.
  7. Continue to expand and smooth fabric roller.
  8. After gluing fabric recommended tighter squeeze his brush and let the bubbles.
  9. Trim any excess wallpaper.

When choosing a liquid wallpaper, ceiling previouslycleaned and leveled. The use of oil paint as a primer. After drying the paint can be applied to the wallpaper with the help of the blade made of plexiglass.

Ingredients carefully distributed over the surface of the ceiling in the same direction. The coating is then necessary to align and remove any excess. The work is done quickly, because the liquid wallpaper dries quickly.

Wallpaper on the ceiling - an excellent way to finish it with minimal effort and time.

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