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How to hang a wall lamp


How to hang a wall lamp</a>

Wall lamps are not only able to bring a special comfort to the interior, but also allow to allocate functional areas in the room.

In retail chains, you can find lamps of different types, presented in a wide range.

The installation of a wall light fixture is determined by its design.

You will need

  • - Wall Light-
  • - ruler-
  • - a pencil-
  • - knife-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - drill-
  • - drill-
  • - dowels-
  • - terminal block.



Choose a place for the wall lamp. Its position on the wall should be comfortable and provide the luminous flux necessary to illuminate the functional area, for example, near a kitchen table, chair or bed. If the luminaire has a swivel design, the installation site can be chosen with greater freedom. Two or three of the same lamp, located at different levels, can look especially original.


Inspect the back of the baseLamp that will be attached to the wall. In the simplest case, the lighting device can have one or two holes designed to be hung on screws previously screwed into the wall or on special brackets. There are also lamps, which have a special bar, which is first screwed to the surface, and then the body of the device is attached to it.


In the place you selected on the wall, draw a lineThe horizontal line along which the fasteners will be located. Mark the places where you need to screw the fastening elements into the wall, first measuring the distance between the mounting holes in the base of the luminaire. Drill holes in the wall for dowels. Insert the plastic anchors to the stop and screw in the screws or screws that are included in the scope of delivery.


If the design of the lamp includesThe mounting plate to which the device is subsequently attached, install it in the same way, ensuring that the plate is positioned horizontally. Connect the luminaire housing to the bar and screw the corresponding side screws as far as it will go. Ensure that the complete assembly is securely attached to the wall.


In the case when the lamp is not justIs turned off in the socket by means of an electric plug, and it is mounted to the fixed wiring laid in the wall, use special terminal blocks for the wiring installation. In general, the technology of mounting the lighting device remains the same.

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