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How to hang puzzles on the wall


How to hang puzzles on the wall</a>

In Russia puzzles were very common in pre-revolutionary times, then they were called "puzelya".

But in Soviet times they were not released and not collected.

In the new Russia they have gained wide popularity in the last ten years, they are produced in various sizes and shapes, even in 3D.

Images copy the famous paintings,Photos of different subjects, scenes from cartoons and movies, there are even erotic puzzles. Well thought out design and skillful assembly turn the result into a beautiful canvas, worthy of framing.

In many houses, the pictures, assembled from pieces, decorated in frames, adorn and refresh the interior.

You will need

  • -assembled picture-
  • -suitable for size frame-
  • A piece of cardboard according to the size of the drawing-
  • -line-
  • -pencil-
  • -glue



So, the game is over and the puzzle is ready. You have collected a beautiful picture and now you want to hang it on the wall. First, get a frame with a glass, suitable for the size. The frame can be slightly larger, but not less than a puzzle. As a rule, frames are sold with a thick base, which should hold the pattern or embroidery and press it against the glass. If you think that this base is too thin, take a piece of cardboard the right size. For a very large picture, you can use several sheets of cardboard, overlapping them one by one with glue, but these seams should not be too wide.


Place & nbsp-base nearThe assembled puzzle. It should be a flat surface, for example, a floor or a table. Take the ruler, define the central point on the bottom, mark with a pencil. Determine the central piece of the puzzle and remember it or mark it.


Armed with glue (preferably liquid with a brush, butSuitable and powerful glue-pencil). Take the central piece, gently apply the glue on the back side, transfer it exactly to the marked center of the cardboard sheet and press it for a few seconds. Take the next piece of the puzzle and repeat the operation. Glue the pieces in a circle, so that the picture does not "move out", because in many of the pictures the pieces are loosely adhered to each other. Take care that the "masterpiece" is not warped - this is the greatest danger of transferring it to the cardboard. & Nbsp-


If you did everything right, after finishingWork on the sides of the ground free will remain the same indentation. Leave the picture on a flat surface for several hours until the glue dries completely. After that, you can insert the creation in the frame, nail the carnations and hang on the wall.

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