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HOW hang on the wall puzzle

How to hang on the wall puzzle

In Russia, puzzles were very common before the revolution, when they were called "puzelya".

But they are not released and is not collected during the Soviet era.

In the new Russia, they gained wide popularity in the last ten years, produced a variety of sizes and shapes, even in 3D.

Images copied famous paintings,photos of various subjects, scenes from cartoons and movies, there are even erotic puzzle. Well thought-out design and skillful assembly turn the result into a beautiful painting worthy of framing.

In many homes, collected from pieces of the picture, decorated in frame, decorate and refresh the interior.

You will need

  • -sobrannaya picture-
  • -podhodyaschaya size ramka-
  • -kusok cardboard size risunka-
  • -lineyka-
  • -pencil-
  • -glue



So, the game is over and the puzzle is ready. You picked a beautiful picture and now you want to hang it on the wall. For starters buy a frame with glass, a suitable size. The frame can be a little more, but not less than the puzzle. Typically, frames are sold with a thick base, which is to hold a drawing or embroidery and press it against the glass. If you think that this ground too fine, take a piece of the desired size cardboard. For very large images can be used several sheets of cardboard, superimposing them on one another by means of adhesive, but these joints must not be too broad.


Locate & nbsp-base nearbyassembled puzzle. It should be a smooth surface such as a floor or table. Take a ruler, determine the center point on the bottom mark with a pencil. Define the central piece of the puzzle and remember it or mark.


Arm yourself with glue (better liquid with a brush, butfit and strong glue stick). Take the central piece, carefully apply glue to the back side of the insert precisely in the marked center of the cardboard sheet and press down for a few seconds. Take a neighboring piece of the puzzle and try again. Gluing the pieces should be in a circle, so that the image does not "pulled off", because in many of the pictures are not flush against each other. Make sure that the "masterpiece" is not twisted - this is the greatest danger of transferring it to the board & nbsp-.


If you did everything correctly, then after the end ofwork on the same side of the base of the indentation will remain free. Leave pattern on a flat surface for several hours until the adhesive dries. You can then insert into the frame creation, nail cloves and hung on the wall.

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