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How to hang a lamp


How to hang a lamp</a>

The lamp (lamp) can be hung on the ceiling or wall. Ceiling fixtures are suspended on a hook or attached to the bracket.

Wall lamps (brackets) are attached to the brackets or directly bolted to the wall.

Consider how quickly and reliably hang the lamp in one way or another.

You will need

  • - voltage indicator-
  • - hook for chandelier-
  • - perforator with a drill of the required diameter (for the dowel) -
  • - a hammer-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - dowels, screws-
  • - Tester.



Turn off the electricity in that place at home orApartments where you hang the lamp: turn off the circuit breaker or unscrew the plugs. Check the indicator for no voltage at the bare ends of the wires to which the lamp is to be connected.


Remove the old lamp.


Ceiling mountSet the hook into the hole in theHollow floor panel (previously purchased in the store), or fix the bracket on the ceiling: drill holes in the ceiling, hammer the dowels and screw the bracket, passing the wires through it.


Insulate the hook with an insulating tape or cambric.


Wall Mounting Drill holes in the main wall, hammer in the dowels and screw the bracket or fittings of the luminaire to the wall, first passing the wires.


Turn on the machine (screw in the fuses) and check the voltage indicator wires coming from the wall or ceiling: where zero, and where the phase. Label the wires with colored electrical tape.


Hang the lamp on the hook or screw it to the bracket with screws.


Connect the wires to the luminaire (via the terminalShoe), taking into account the features of the lamp and the desired lighting system in the room. Depending on the number of lamps in the luminaire, they can be switched on 1 + 2, 1 + 4, 2 + 3, etc. Determine which of the phase conductors is suitable for which lampholder cartridge can be by wire tester tester (zero for all lamps common).


Replace the lights and light bulbs.


Turn on the machine (screw in the fuses) and check the operation of the luminaire by turning on the wall switch.


Reinstall the lamp's decorative elements covering the attachment points and connecting the wires.

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