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How to hang a lamp

How to hang a lamp

The lamp (the lamp) can be hung on a ceiling or wall. Ceiling lights are hung on a hook or attached to the bracket.

Wall lamps (lamps) are fastened to the brackets or directly screwed to the wall.

Consider how quickly and securely hang the lamp is a particular variant.

You will need

  • - Voltage-indicator
  • - Hook lyustry-
  • - Hammer with a drill of the desired diameter (dowel) -
  • - a hammer-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - Plugs, shurupy-
  • - Tester.



Turn off electricity at the place at home orapartments, where hang the lamp: Turn off the circuit breaker or unscrew the plug. Check the indicator of the absence of voltage on the exposed ends of the wires, which is planned to connect the lamp.


Remove the old lamp.


Ceiling kreplenieUstanovite hook into the hole in thehoneycombed panel overlap (pre-purchased at the store), or fix the ceiling bracket: Drill holes in the ceiling, hammer dowels and screw the bracket, after threading through the wires.


Insulate the hook using an adhesive tape or cambric.


Wall kreplenieProsverlite openings in the main wall, drive the dowels and screw the bracket or fixture fittings to the wall, after threading a wire.


Turn on the machine (screw fuses) and check the indicator voltage wires coming from the wall or ceiling where zero and where the phase. Label the wires colored tape.


Hang the lamp on a hook or screw to the bracket with screws.


Connect the wires to the lamp (via terminalblock) based on the desired characteristics of the luminaire and the lighting system indoors. Depending on the number of lamps in the luminaire may be provided their inclusion 1 + 2, 1 + 4, 2 + 3, etc. Determine which of the phase conductors suitable for any lamp cartridge can be by wire continuity tester (zero for all lamps overall).


Replace the light bulbs and lampshades.


Turn on the machine (screw fuses) and check the operation of the lamp, including wall switch.


Replace the lamp and decorative objects, covering the mounting space and wiring.

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