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HOW hang boiler

How to hang boiler

In the absence of a central hot water supply, or for reasons of economy, in the bathrooms and kitchen installed water heaters - boilers.

The word itself, in general, means in English the tank to heat the water.

What nuances should be considered before you hang the boiler?

You will need

  • - ruletka-
  • - Electric perforator drill with 12 mm-
  • - Sanitary instrument-
  • - elektroinstrument-
  • - The necessary fittings (tees, valves, couplings and other dielectric.) To connect the boiler to the cold and hot water supply and kanalizatsii-
  • - Attachment (hooks 8 mm) and 12 mm plastic dowels (in the case of a through hole - threaded hook desired length, nuts and large washers).



Select the location of the boiler installation - wall structure must withstand the weight of the water heater. Furthermore, there should be enough space for installation of the boiler.


Determine whether there is a possibility of connectionBoiler water supply, sewerage and electricity at the selected location. Evaluate the possibility of draining the water into the sewer through the safety valve over-pressure.


Consider options for laying pipes and cables required for the installation of the boiler. Consider the number of plumbing fixtures, which will be connected to the boiler.


Perform all work on communications to eyelinerboiler. To connect the power directly to the water heater circuit breaker must be provided. To avoid overloading the wiring, the power supply cable to the electrical draw better.


Drill a hole in the brick or concretewall hook, access to which is the most problematic. Drilling depth - the length of dowel or 5 mm deeper. Hammer dowel and screw the hook. If the wall is not brick or concrete, have the option of mounting through-threaded hooks over the wall. Sankabiny walls are not designed for such loads - a plaster reinforced structure mounted in the capital during construction (bathrooms in many apartment buildings). Therefore, holes are drilled through the partition sankabiny in concrete or brick main wall. The same applies to the walls, faced with cardboard-gypsum or board.


Hang on a hook screwed boiler - he calmly withstand the weight of up to 200 kg.


Align the boiler on the wall and mark drilling locations remaining fixing holes. Remove the boiler and drill all marked holes.


Screw the pipe on the opening no more than 4turn the safety valve overpressure (if you cheat more, it stops working). If necessary (if there is no cold water meter) - set before the introductory pipe strainer.


Connect the boiler to the water supply throughDielectric couplers and valves (if one boiler - valve only cold water is needed). Install the valve directly to the safety valve is not recommended.


Connect the boiler to the mains.

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