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How to Hang Shelves on a Wall


How to Hang Shelves on a Wall</a>

Hanging shelves on the wall must be exactly and firmly. Make bindings that will withstand any load on the wall from any material.

To hang the shelves, you need to have a good drill.

To fasten them it is better on strong self-screws and not in plastic nests for саморезов, and on the made wooden stoppers.

You will need

  • -drill
  • -caps for driving into the wall
  • -Solid screws
  • -plane for hanging, if you want to hang shelves on it



Mark the height you want to hang on Shelves. Attach the shelf to the wall and check whether it will be convenient to use it. Mark the spot for drilling the first hole with respect to the corner. If you hang Shelves In the middle of the wall, you need to start with an average Shelves. Before drilling a wall, make sure that you do not get into the wiring or communication.


Drill the first hole, the rest drill, measuring the level relative to the first.


Wooden plugs must be prepared in advance orCut from a very dry tree. To fasten on them is much more reliable, than plastic which are on sale in shop. When the screw is screwed in, the tree expands, and Shelves Keep tight. The cork should be slightly larger than the drilled hole and enter tight.


Fix the plugs, fix the screws and hang Shelves.


If your walls are not exactly level, then hang them Shelves It is necessary on special brackets with brackets,Which can be bought at any hardware store or building a supermarket. Attach to the wall of them in the manner specified above. Hanged on them Shelves You can adjust perfectly smoothly.

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