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HOW hang roman shades

How to Hang a Roman Blinds

If you hang roman shades, then the window openingwill not only concise functional design, and interior decoration. They are relevant in any room - you just have to find a suitable coloring and texture of curtain fabric.

The curtain opens with a cord - cloth folded into a neat "accordion".

In the closed form of the Roman blind is perfectly flat blade, so that it will need quite a bit of sewing material.

You will need

  • curtain fabrics
  • Bruce on the window width
  • Screws with rings
  • Small nails or furniture stapler
  • A hammer
  • Centimeter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine, needle and thread
  • Rods-strap on the number of folds
  • Cord
  • Rings
  • Velcro on the width of the window
  • The stopper holder
  • Hook for fixing the cord to the wall



It is important to choose the right fabric, the right tomake Roman shades. It is recommended to use a dense, but not too heavy canvas - then folds obtained accurate and will not look too rough. For example, it is well suited for this purpose otrez flax.


carve Roman blind according to the size of the window. If a piece of wood for attaching curtains installed directly in the window opening, you will need to measure the length of the curtain to the window sill. When fixing the timber on the wall or on the ceiling will look beautiful long curtains to the floor. To design to function properly, do not make the curtain wider than one and a half meters. For a large window you will need two Roman blinds.


Make allowances for the side seams of 2-3 cm. The lower and upper hem calculated taking into account the fact that at the bottom you will need to pass a bar-plumb of wood or metal, and the top - sew Velcro. Also, leave 1 cm margin to the possible length of the shrinkage after washing curtains.


Stitch all seams and folds. At the bottom make the two lines so that the weighting took place between them. Top sew by hand one of the other lipuchki- you attach to the timber small furniture nails or staples.


Schedule on the wrong side of the web education space"Accordion" folds. For standard windows you should have four Drawstring with the distance between each 30-35 cm. Kuliske heart shape transverse folds, folding the fabric and sew it at a distance of centimeters from the edge. Here you insert a thin strap. Carefully otutyuzhte all the folds and seams.


Nasheyte along fold lines of the future "accordion" at regular intervals small rings, which can be bought in hardware department. You should have a clear horizontal rows of 5-6 rings.


Now we need to hang Roman blind and construct its lifting mechanism. For this:
• At the bottom of the Velcro on a bar screw in screws at regular intervals with rings instead of the cap (they are sold in building supply stores).
• Attach blind all vdet weighting.
• A top ring miss cords, secure them to the bottom ring. column length - is the width of the curtain and another two of its length.
• Spend cords through the rings on a wooden board.
• Gather them together and drag through a special holder-stopper, placing it on the edge of the beam.
• Align the ends and tie them with a knot.


Adjust the wall (at the level of the middle of the window opening) special hook for fixing the curtain grabs. Adding the "accordion" wind the cords on him.

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