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How to hang a picture on the wall, without using nails

How to hang a picture

If you need to hang a picture, but there is no ability or desire to use the power tool, it can be done with drawing pins.

But in order to hang a picture on the wall, without using nails, of course, it should not be very hard.

You will need

  • - knife
  • - skin
  • - Second glue
  • - button



We need to do on the wallpaper knife blade small cross-shaped incision. Carefully bend the corners.


Clean skin on the concrete wall. Apply glue on it a moment and a little glue on the bonnet of a button. Wait 15 minutes and connect the bonding surfaces.


Firmly press the button on the wall, hold for five minutes and leave for a day to dry completely.


The next day, wallpaper glue the ends, so that out of these, only the tip of a button peeped. On him and hang a picture.

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