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How to hang a picture

Pictures can decorate absolutely any wall

The pictures look beautiful on any wall in any apartment.

Many people do not think about how to hang a picture and simply drive a nail with a hammer directly into the wall.

But this is not the best solution.

The easiest way to hang a picture? by a conventional hook and carnation. But you can take a steel thread and attach it to the gallery bar.

There are S-shaped hooks, which is put on the tube.

In the end, you can use a tripod.

So, a brief overview of the unusual ways to mount the pictures on the wall.



Hooks over the bar. It can be used when the nail to drive you do not want to or simply do not have confidence in the fact that the picture for a long time will remain on the wall. The picture on this mount and you can move if necessary. Secure the steel pipe with a diameter of about 22 mm on the ceiling holders consisting of the pipe fragments iron rods, and small rectangular plates welded together. Hang the picture to the rod S-shaped hooks. You can paint the post silver enamel.


If this method seems too complicated to you,Use wall panels. Textile or wood paneling spoil sorry, but the wall panels, suitable to the wall in color and mounted so as to be able to attach to hooks it will be just in time. Naturally, this should take care in advance, even in the finishing room. But the picture attached in this way, will not leave any traces of the wall ns. It is enough to hang a picture on a fine wire or a cord, attached to the hooks, which are mounted on the wall panel.


There are fasteners called? Classic hardware ?. In the exhibition halls and galleries, it is used very often. pictures suspended from the profiled frame made of woodthread or fishing line. If the surface is curved, used round or oval bay window, is also convenient to use a flexible curtain rod. This method is useful in the case where one wall is a few pictures. For a picture of a frame will look out of place and not very nice. Framework, by the way, can be painted in a setting the tone in the room.

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