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How to hang a picture


Paintings can decorate absolutely any wall</a>

Pictures look beautiful on any wall and in any apartment.

Many people do not think about how to hang a picture and just drive a nail into the wall with a hammer.

But this is far from the best solution.

The easiest way to hang a picture? With the help of a common carnation and hooks. But you can take a steel thread and attach it to the gallery post.

There are also S-shaped hooks that are worn on the tube.

In the end, you can use a tripod.

So, a brief overview of the unusual ways of attaching the picture to the wall.



Hooks with a barbell. It can be used when you do not want to drive a nail or you simply do not have confidence that the painting will remain on the wall for a long time. The picture on this mount can be moved, if necessary. Secure steel pipes with a diameter of about 22 mm on the ceiling with holders consisting of pipe fragments, iron rods, and small rectangular plates welded together. Hang the picture to the bar with S-shaped hooks. You can paint the bar with silver enamel.


If this method seems too complicated for you,Use wall panels. Textile or wooden paneling of walls is a shame to spoil, but wall panels that match the wall in color and are set so that hooks can be attached to them will be just the way. Naturally, this should be taken care of in advance, even when decorating the room. But the pictures, attached in this way, will not leave any traces to the wall. It is enough to hang the picture on a thin wire or on a cord, attached to the hooks, which are installed on the wall panel.


There are also fasteners called "Classic fasteners". In exhibition halls and galleries it is used very often. Paintings Suspended to a profiled frame made of woodThreads or lines. If the surface is curved, an oval or circular bay window is used, it is also convenient to use a flexible cornice. This method is advisable to use in the case where there are several pictures on one wall. For one picture, this skeleton will look inappropriate and not very beautiful. The frame, by the way, can be painted in the tone of the situation in the room.

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