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How to hang a horseshoe right

How to hang a horseshoe right

Horseshoe brings good luck and fortune.

In addition, it protects the house, above the threshold which nailed.

This belief is known so long ago that he did not doubt.

However, a few decades ago it was considered happy, only the horseshoe, which was found by chance on the road. Then it picked up and hung over the front door.

Now to find a shoe is quite problematic, and city dweller and does nothing to hope for.

But there were quite a cute horseshoe in specialized stores.

The choice is huge? buy, do not be stingy. But here there is a legitimate question? how does it hang well?

To its properties manifested most vividly?

This question has three answers.

You will need

  • - horseshoe
  • - nails
  • - a hammer



End down. This is the most common version? hammered a nail, hung on him horseshoe and all the works. It is believed that this situation represents a horseshoe rounded roof? tent, protected from fires, disease and looting which will now be in the house.


Ends up. Proponents of this option believe that this is the horseshoe will bring luck and happiness in the house, that's what the situation could not be better and more clearly symbolizes the? Full glass? .There Is also a version that hanging up? Horns? Horseshoe absorbs positive cosmic energy and keeps it in himself, feeding the whole house with it. While from a horseshoe hanging? Horns? down, this energy flows.


How horrible. Yes, there are proponents of such a definition and a horseshoe in the house. They are guided by the fact that the horseshoe? it is in any case a symbol of happiness and good luck, and how she nailed or suspended, does not matter. It may even lie on the mezzanine or in the closet, and, nevertheless, to administer their wonderful work.

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