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How to hang a horseshoe


How to hang a horseshoe</a>

It has long been believed that the horseshoe in the house brings happiness. This theory was held even by the great Einstein, who had a horseshoe hanging over the entrance to the house.

He believed that the horseshoe helps even those who do not believe in omens.


There are several legends about miraculousProperties of horseshoes. One of them is from Ancient Egypt. The horses of Pharaoh, on which Pharaoh went to the jubilant people, were shod by horseshoes of pure gold. Therefore, to find such a horseshoe was a great happiness. The second of the legends about horseshoes looks more like the truth. In ancient times, iron was a huge rarity, and iron things were very expensive. So finding a horseshoe was a great success.

How to hang a horseshoe

In order to attract good luck to your home now,You can hang a horseshoe. If you do not have a found horseshoe, you can buy it. Then select the place where to attach the horseshoe. It can be over the entrance door outside, above the door indoors, on the gate. Proceeding from the place where the horseshoe will hang, the method of fastening is chosen.

How to hang a horseshoe

Horseshoe in Russia is usually hung horns down. To do this, you need to mark out the place where it will hang, pick up a nail or a screw with a hat. If you need to hang a horseshoe stationary, the hat can pick up more holes in the horseshoe. But in this case, the nail will first need to be inserted into the horseshoe and nailed to the wall with it. If the horseshoe needs to be removed, then the nail should be chosen thin, with a hat with a smaller diameter than the holes in the horseshoe. And in the beginning the nail is hammered, and then the horseshoe hangs on it.

How to hang a horseshoe

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