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How to treat a wound after castration of a cat


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Castration inevitably becomes a difficult test for a cat.

If the owners decided on this, their direct duty is to make sure that the operation is as painful for the animal as possible.

The cat needs to be properly prepared forCastration. During the operation, the bladder and digestive tract of the animal should be empty, therefore, 12 hours before castration, the cat can not be fed, and for an hour - even water.
Wounded with scissors skin of a cat wound is great how to treat

Treatment of a wound

Wet waves near the cat
If the doctor after the operation treated the wound with a spray"Terramycin" or "Alumazol", they remain on the skin for a while, in this case, you do not need to process the wound. If there was no such treatment, the wound should be washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide or a solution of furacilin, dissolving one tablet in a glass of water. It is not recommended to treat the wound with a green or iodine solution, they can overdry the skin.
Than it is possible for a cat to treat a wound at home
That the cat does not disturb the wound, licking it, onNeck he needs to wear a special collar that will not allow him to reach the back of the body. Take off the collar only for the time of eating. It must be ensured that the cat does not rub on the back of the body.
The filler for the tray, used at this time,Should be soft, so as not to disturb the wound. It is better, if it will be white or at least light in color, in this case the owners can immediately notice the bleeding that has begun.

Possible complications

The hosts should alert the rise in temperatureBody of an animal. The normal temperature for a cat is 38-39 ° C. In the first three days, it will inevitably be increased, but if the temperature does not decrease on the fourth day, this is an occasion for an urgent appeal to the vet. Especially it is necessary to show the animal to the doctor if the wound begins to fester. In this case, the veterinarian will prescribe an antibiotic.
In the first day after the operation, there may be observedDecrease in temperature (less than 37 degrees), while the animal sleeps. The cat needs to be warmed by applying a heating pad and rubbing its paws. If this does not help, the cat still does not stir and does not wake up, it is urgent to call a veterinarian or take the cat to the clinic.
To take a cat to the clinic is necessary and in the event that the seam starts to bleed.
After castration, the cat may suffer from constipation. Stool retention is unavoidable within the first two to three days after anesthesia, but if the cat does not have a chair for more than four days, it is necessary to start giving him a laxative. Of course, you can not do this without consulting a veterinarian in advance, only he can choose the appropriate drug, taking into account the health and specific features of the organism of a particular animal.

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