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How to handle the wound after the cat castration

Castrated cat

Castration inevitably becomes an ordeal for the cat.

If the owners have decided on this, their duty - to make sure that the operation was the least painful for the animal.

Kota necessary to properly prepare forcastration. During the operation, the bladder and the digestive tract of the animal must be empty, so you can not feed 12 hours before the cat castration, and in an hour - even water.
scissors touched the skin of a cat how to treat a large wound

wound treatment

vavki wet the cat
If the doctor after surgery treated wound spray"Terramycin" or "Alyumazol", they remain on the skin for a while, in which case it is not necessary to handle the wound. If this treatment there was no need to wash out the wound 3% hydrogen peroxide solution Furacilinum or dissolving a tablet in a glass of water. Not recommended to treat the wound Zelenko or alcoholic solution of iodine, they can desiccate the skin.
than one cat obrobotat wound at home
To the cat is not disturbed wound licking her onneck he needs to wear a special collar that will not allow him to reach the back of the body. Take off the collar only at meal time. Make sure that the cat does not rub against the floor with the back part of the body.
Filler tray used at this time,It should be soft so as not to disturb the wound. Better if it will be white or at least light shade, in this case, the owners will be able to notice immediately started bleeding.

Possible complications

Hosts should guard the temperature riseanimal body. Normal temperature for a cat - 38-39oS. In the first three days, it will inevitably be increased, but if the temperature is not decreased, and on the fourth day, it is cause for urgent treatment to a veterinarian. Especially need to show an animal doctor if the wound start to fester. In this case, the vet prescribed antibiotics.
On the first day after the operation can be observed andreducing the temperature (less than 37 degrees), while the animal is sleeping. Cat need to warm up, putting a heating pad and massaging feet. If this does not work, the cat still does not move and does not wake up, an urgent need to call the vet or take the cat to the clinic.
Take the cat to the hospital is necessary and if the seam starts to bleed.
After castration, the cat may be suffering from constipation. Delay of the chair is inevitable in the first two or three days after anesthesia, but if the cat is not a chair for more than four days, you must give the start to give him a laxative. Of course, you can not do it without first talking to your veterinarian, but he can choose the appropriate drug, taking into account the health status and characteristics of the organism particular animal.

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