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Hand care at home


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The skin of the hands suffers most from the effects of water, household chemicals and cold, so it requires daily care. The chosen hand care should be thorough and regular

Care for the hands must be as painstakingly and carefully as the face. The skin of the hands suffers most from the effects of water, household chemicals, cold, from what a woman does.

In order to keep the skin of the hands smooth and supple longer, it needs daily care. And for this there is no need to spend a large amount of money.

So, after hand washing laundry beauticiansRecommend wiping the skin with lemon juice or acid solution. Also rubbing hands with lemon juice helps whiten hands if the skin has darkened from homework in the kitchen or bad water.

To prevent premature aging of the skinHands are very useful contrast mustard baths. After baths on hands it is recommended to put a fat cream. An excellent softener for hands is a cucumber juice or a warm broth after cooking potatoes. Very useful baths from these components. Warm five-minute baths with sea salt are good for sweating hands.

With dry skin, the egg-glycerin mask will be very effective. In the cold season, keep your hands warm. Mittens or gloves should be made of natural and soft materials.

A good relaxing remedy is massageHands. Doing it is easy, and the positive emotions obtained from this pleasant procedure can not be compared to anything. In addition, that during the massage the microcirculation of blood is intensified, they are also massaged, and all the joints and cartilage are projected. This will ensure long-term mobility of the joints.

In order to soften the plunged skinElbow bends, while taking a bath or shower elbows must be ground with a stiff washcloth with soap and soda. After water procedures, the elbows should be greased with a fat cream.

Whichever way a woman chooses to take care of herself, it is always important to remember that care must be the most thorough and regular.

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