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Hand care

Your skin suffers most from the effects of water, household chemicals and cold, so it requires daily care. The selected hand care must be carefully and regularly

Caring for your hands you must also carefully and closely, as well as the face. Your skin suffers most from the effects of water, household chemicals, cold, what a woman does.

In order to keep longer the skin smooth and supple hands, her needs daily care. And for this there is no need to spend a lot of money.

So, after hand-washing laundry Estheticiansrecommended to wipe your hands with lemon juice or acid solution. Also, rubbing hands with lemon juice helps bleach hand, if the skin is dark with homework in the kitchen, or bad water.

To prevent premature aging of the skinHand very useful contrasting mustard baths. After the trays on hand is recommended to apply rich cream. An excellent emollient hand serves as cucumber juice or warm potato broth after cooking. Very useful trays of these components. Five-minute warm bath with sea salt good at sweating hands.

If you have dry skin on the hands is a very efficient egg-glycerol mask. During the cold season should keep your hands warm. Mittens or gloves should be made of natural materials and soft.

A good tool is a relaxing massagehands. Making it easy and positive emotions derived from this pleasant procedure can not be compared with anything else. Besides the fact that during the massage increases blood microcirculation, also massaged and prominayutsya all sustavchikov and hryaschiki. It will provide a lengthy joint mobility.

In order to soften the skin pogrubevshuyuthe elbow, while taking a bath or shower elbows need to rub hard sponge with soap and soda. After water procedures your elbows should be greased fat cream.

Whichever way a woman hand care for themselves choose, it is always important to remember that caregivers must be carefully and regularly.

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