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Hand care

Hand care

We know that your skin is aging faster than the facial skin.

That is why it is so important to take care of your hands,because every day they are tested: long hands in the water (washing, cooking, washing dishes), get scrapes and cuts on them falls and household chemicals irritate the skin.



If you have rough and cracked skin on the hands,you should wash your hands in the milk or make a hand bath of decoction of flaxseed. Then dry your hands, rub lemon juice and generously lubricate nourishing cream. If lemon juice burns the skin, after the bath, you can lubricate your hands with olive oil in which to drop a little lemon juice. At night, wear special gloves after procedures. Through such procedures will improve the state of not only the skin but also nails.


If the hands are heavily contaminated or after darkdaily homework, they can whiten mask for hands, prepared independently. Mash the potatoes and mix with milk and lemon juice. This mush put on your hands.


If your hands turn red, often make a tray ofsaline. In one liter of water dilute hundred grams of sea salt. After that, make a mixture of a tablespoon of camphor oil and camphor alcohol. This mixture then polish hand for two minutes. Then apply a nourishing cream.


If your skin is sensitive, do at nightwarm bath with baking soda. Once the trays are well lubricate the hand cream that you want to prepare yourself: Brew with boiling water the grass calendula, nettle, plantain and oduvanchika- then add two tablespoons of fat (chicken or pork) and a spoonful of honey, mix well. Homemade hand cream is ready.

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