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Hand care</a>

It is known that the skin of the hands ages faster than the skin of the face.

That's why it's so important to take care of your hands,Because they are every day tested: hands are in the water for a long time (washing, cooking, washing dishes), they get abrasions and cuts, they get household chemicals and irritate the skin.



If you have rough and cracked skin on your hands,Then you should wash your hands in milk or make a hand bath of linseed decoction. After that, dry your hands, grate with lemon juice and apply a lot of nourishing cream. If lemon juice pinches the skin, then after the bath you can grease your hands with olive oil, in which you need to drop a little lemon juice. At night wear special gloves after the procedures. Thanks to such procedures, the condition of not only the skin, but also the nails will improve.


If the hands are heavily soiled or darkened afterEveryday homework, they can be whitened with a hand mask prepared independently. Peel the potatoes, mix with milk and lemon juice. Put this gruel on your hands.


If your hands turn red, make a bath more oftenSaline solution. In one liter of water, dilute one hundred grams of sea salt. After this, make a mixture of a tablespoon of camphor oil and camphor alcohol. With this mixture, rub your hands for two minutes. After that, apply a nourishing cream.


If the skin is sensitive, do it overnightWarm baths with soda. After the baths, lubricate your hands well with a cream that you need to prepare yourself: Boil the herbs of marigold, nettle, plantain and dandelion with boiling water, then add two tablespoons of fat (chicken or pork) and a spoonful of honey, mix everything. A home hand cream is ready.

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