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Hairstyles ripple: wave after wave

Hairstyle ripple: wave after wave

In recent years, in favor lush volume and curls.

But it is not simple, and corrugated.

They can be worn in the form of debauchery, but better - put into a stylish hairstyle, make that easier than ever.

Under ripple realize rows of parallel waves. Achieve fashion wave braiding help at night, special tongs or good old curlers. The easiest and most convenient way - use the forceps with a special embossed plate, which come in different shapes and widths. The optimal choice would be a model of the ceramic plate. If it still will be a silver coating - shine your hair is guaranteed. These tongs rather quickly heated and equipped with temperature controller, which will not dry up the strands.

How to make a ripple

Pre-treat any hairstyling tool throughout. Laying ripple should be made from the roots towards the ends of the hair, but not vice versa, as some are doing. To begin Divide your hair into individual strands and then alternately tighten them between corrugating surfaces forceps plates. On one strand affects not more than 15 seconds! Then the tongs to be moved down to the place where the pattern ended on treated hair. Fashionable corrugating ready!

Precautionary measures

You need to know some of the nuances. Do not forget to take into account the structure and damage your hair. If your hair is severely weakened, work on them with forceps with a maximum temperature of 180 degrees. The optimum temperature exposure for healthy hair - 190 degrees, for hard and curly - 190-200 degrees. Temperatures above this limit destructive, even when using the highest quality termospreev.

Hairstyles by a ripple

The simplest hairstyle based on ripple - justcollect the resulting curls up and fix them with pins. To do this, the hair at the back of the head twist into a kind of roller and fix it invisible. Strand by strand fix hair with lacquer, invisible or studs. you should use a liquid lacquer to underscore ripple structure. You can leave the hair at the roots straight and ripple do, departing from them by 20-30 centimeters. Then gather your hair into a ponytail. It turned out quite stylish hairstyle that will fit into many everyday images.

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