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Hairstyles at the graduation with overhead locks


Hairstyles at the prom with overhead locks</a>

Overhead strands allow not only to increase the volume, but also to create magnificent hairstyles.

If you are waiting for an important celebration, for example, a graduation ball, and your hair is not long enough to do something grand on your head - an independent hair extension will help you very much.



If you can not work long to createHairstyles, but want to increase the volume of hair, buy an overhead chignon or babette. Such accessories are fixed on the principle of overhead strands and require similar care. Take your hair back to the nape and fasten with an elastic band. Attach the babetu to the collected tail and decorate it with an elegant pin or bow.


Fix the overhead strands on the back of the head. Divide the hair on the crown with a horizontal part in half. Assemble the bottom part into an elastic band. Tilt your head down and scratch the roots of the free half of your hair, then fix the result with varnish. Give the outer side of the fleece a smooth look, and fasten on the back of the head with a beautiful hair clip. Now loosen the lower part of hair from the clamp and force it with forceps. Girls with long hair covering false strands will add volume when creating this hairstyle. And the owner of short hair will make the overhead curls, which will undoubtedly adorn them.


Create a haircut "Bant". She needs thick and long hair and if you can not boast of such, the overhead strands will be very helpful. Attach the strands from behind. Tilt your head forward, scroll the thin comb of the triangle from the crown to the bangs and curl it. Lateral sides wind on 2 large curlers, and hair from the nape fasten below the elastic band, lifting one wide strand on the crown. Put on the palm styling product. At the bottom of the tail, put on another rubber band. With your hands, divide your hair into 2 equal parts without releasing it from the bindings. Gently combine the elastic bands together and secure them with the studs, resulting in a hairpin base. Loosen the lock attached to the top of the head and wrap it around the bow, forming a bundle. Hide the remaining tips inside. Lateral strands twist into bundles, lead to the bow, and fix the tips inside the studs. Fix the bangs with a wave and fix with a varnish.


Try changing your familiar image withUsing false strands that differ in color from your natural hair. In this way, you can mimic the highlighting, coloring and fashionable nowadays the bronzing. Fasten the colored strands in the order that you want. It is also possible to emphasize the shape of your face, making rare, but expressive accents in your hair.

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