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Hairstyles for prom with false locks

Hairstyles to prom with false locks

Rim locks can not only increase the volume, but also to create gorgeous hairstyles.

If you are waiting for an important celebration, such as prom, and her hair long enough to make the color something great - very independent hair extensions you will gain.



If you can not for a long time to work on the creation ofhairstyles, but you want to increase the volume of hair, hairpiece or purchase invoice Babette. These accessories are mounted on the principle of overhead strands and require the same care. Take your hair at the back and fasten a rubber band. Attach Babeta to the assembled tail on top and garnish with a graceful bow barrette or.


Fix false locks at the nape. Divide hair parted on the top of a horizontal half. Collect the lower portion in the gum. Tilt your head down and nacheshite free hair half the roots, then fix the result of lacquer. Give the outside of the fleece smooth appearance, and secure at the back of a beautiful barrette. Now free from the lower part of the hair clip and curl tongs. Girl with long hair locks overhead when creating this hairstyle will add volume. And the owner will make short hair toupees, which undoubtedly will decorate them.


Create a hairstyle "Bow." For her need thick and long hair, and if you can not boast of such overhead strands of great help. Attach the rear locks. Tilt your head forward, select a fine comb from the top of the triangle to the bangs and curl it. The sides of the screw the 2 large curlers and hair from the nape of the neck fix the bottom of the band, holding up one strand of wide at the crown. Apply styling products on the palm. At the bottom of the tail put on another gum. Hands divide hair into two equal parts, are not exempted from the anchorage. Carefully connect with gum and fix studs, the result will be the basis hairstyles. Free secured on top of a strand, and wrap it around the bow to form a knot. The remaining ends of hide inside. Side twist strands in bundles, move to the Bantu, and the tips of the pins inside the fix. Lay bang wave and fix varnish.


Try to change your habitual way withusing overhead strands, which are different from the color of your natural hair. This way you can simulate highlighting, coloring and fashionable nowadays brondirovanie. Attach the colored strands in the order in which you want. You can also accentuate the shape of your face, making a rare but expressive accents in her hair.

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