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Haircuts for round face

Haircuts for round face

Wide cheekbones, which are characteristic of a round face, make it not quite symmetrical.

Restore harmony to help properly chosen hairstyle.

Cara with a bang, light waves - these hairstyles perfectly hide imperfections.

Round face - what hairstyles are best avoided

A round face needs some correction. With the right hairstyle can visually draw the oval shape of the face to make close to perfect. This will help hairstyle in which the hair combed forward, as well as those in which there is a bang. But should avoid smooth hair, where all the locks combed top (like fashion, "horse" tail), as well as too short haircuts, which are fully open face.

Black and brown hair makes a person visuallyalready, but at the same time emphasize the shortcomings of the skin - acne, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, if you want to make the hair color darker, consider not only the shape of the face, but also the condition of the skin.

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Also, the owners face a round shape is not necessarydo hair, the bulk of which falls on the frontal and occipital lobes. This haircut "Aurora" type, and all based on the classic bob. Such hairstyles make the person even more.

Haircuts for round face - how to adjust the shape

For a round face with perfect hairstyleoblique bangs, with longer locks in the temporal lobes. For example, fashionable bob. You can choose a classic, and with longer locks on the forehead. Such haircuts make the face visually in the cheekbones, its shape becomes more oval. A fringe will hide too broad forehead. Just note that it should be oblique, but not completely cover the upper part of the head. Otherwise, the person will seem even wider, massive.

Very small curls create too bigvolume, making a wider face. Therefore, choose a light wave. These are obtained by wind hair in curlers or a curling iron with a diameter of not less than five centimeters.

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In addition to the various quads, helpadjust the face shape hairstyle with wavy curls. Best of all, they look at the medium-length hair. Strands in the temporal lobes, due to its volume, hide too high cheekbones. These hairstyles can be dispensed without a bang, if the hair to be combed back of the front face. They are placed on the sides of the forehead, narrowing it.

As the solemn laying of the roundperson can select "Greek". Curls, twisted roll in the cheeks, hide their excessive width. At the top of the head hair remains smooth, without creating unnecessary volume. The tape or strap visually make a narrower forehead. All this helps to bring the person to the ideal shape.

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