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Haircut with bangs for medium hair

Haircut with bangs for medium hair

The new season is particularly relevant haircuts hair medium length.

This is very encouraging fashionistas, as these hairstyles suit and owners of fine hair, and those with whom they are twisted.

Hairstyle with bangs - who fit

Fashionable hair stylists offer several options for hairstyles with bangs. They are based on three classic hairstyles - bob, bob, and "Aurora." From these cuts every woman can choose the right.

What is the advantage of hairstyles with bangs? Hair concealing her forehead, make the face more narrow. What helps to adjust the shape of those who are not satisfied with the oval face. Bangs visually makes hair thicker, because hiding the lack of volume in the frontal and occipital lobes. Bangs allows change, putting the hair in front in different ways - on its side, back, diagonally. Bang goes to many because of its functionality.

Do not do bangs too short, if you do not want to focus the attention of others in the form of the forehead.

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Haircuts with bangs - what to choose

Haircuts with bangs for medium hair - a variety of square, cascading haircut (based on the "Aurora", which locks trimmed ladder), and extended the classic bob.

In embodiments, when the hairstyles bangs trimmed,hair in the occipital and frontal part of the head is also slightly shorter to give additional volume hairstyle. For the same hairdressers Mills ends. This is done, and if the hair is very thick and bangs looks too massive.

Tapering bangs allows you to make it more docile, it becomes easier to style.

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Kare on medium hair with bangs can be bothnormal and temporal with elongated strands. Bang in the usual square often becomes a straight line, to emphasize the geometry of the cut. Oblique bangs left in the case of the elongated front strands to make the cut easier, stylish and youth. Cara is suitable for those who have an oval or triangular shape of the face.

Haircuts "Aurora" types you can createadditional volume due to the shortened strands in the upper part of the head. They do not crush the hair, hair is fluffy. Bang in these hairstyles can be both direct and oblique, depending on the features of appearance. Suitable hairstyle beauties with round and rectangular shaped face.

The classic bob, where hair to templesclipped quite short, and at the top of the head are left long, somewhat altered for the sake of those who do not like too short hairstyles. The hair near the neck and in the temporal lobes are now retained long enough for at least five to seven centimeters. The pod is lush thick bangs. This form is suitable to owners of an oval and a square face, as well as anyone who wants to make a visually already lower part of the face.

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