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Hair Mask

Hair Mask

To make hair grow faster, you can resort to using home recipes for beauty, such as a hair mask.

There are different versions of the compositions and methods of preparation of masks, but the most effective way is to use dry mustard.

The principle of operation is based on mustard thatIt increases blood circulation in the skin, and with it the power of hair follicles. This, to accelerate the regrowth of hair, reduced skin sebum secretion and eliminate dandruff.

Mask gives the result if you use the minimumonce a week. One part can be used per month, then some of the components should be removed or replaced. Mustard can cause allergies, because before applying the mask should check its effect on the hand.

To take the mask mustard powder, mix it withequal amount of hot water. To this mixture add an egg yolk, 2 h. L. essential oils (olive, almond, burdock, grapeseed, or other) and 1 tbsp. l. sugar.

The mask should be applied to the hair roots ata brush. Then, put on a hat or head shower bag to warm your head with a thick towel, wait at least 20 minutes. Grilling should be very strong, but tolerable, and if not, then you need to increase the amount of sugar in the formulation.

You can not mix mustard with boiled water, asHot water kills all the beneficial properties. If the ends of the hair are cut and broken, it is possible to spread the tips of oil. Oil is necessary to take castor, coconut, wheat germ oil or shea butter. It is possible to add vitamins A and E in the oil, honey and sugar substitute. To achieve the best result in the oil, you can add yogurt and colorless henna.

Apply this mask on freshly washed hair should be. The maximum exposure time - an hour. Rinse off the mask to cool water, apply conditioner to the hair do not need.

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