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Hair loss. What vitamins does not suffice?

Hair loss. What vitamins does not suffice?

Hair loss - the body's signal that there are problems that can be expressed in disease, stress, hormonal disorders.

Often the cause of thinning head of hair becomes a lack of vitamins.

As a rule, lack of mineral substances entering the body through food or vitamin complexes, suffer not only the hair, nails and skin.

Everyone always faced withhair loss. But someone this process proceeds normally, without the express pathology, and some people suffer from excessive thinning hair. About the lack of vitamins locks "talk" dimmed, lack luster, brittle. The main signal is that the hair falls over, you can see when brushing when a comb are tufts of hair.

What vitamins are needed hair?

Hair needs vitamins and minerals,the main ones are vitamin A and B2, F, folic acid. Hair loss is also a symptom of a lack of pantothenic acid, calcium, silicon, selenium, zinc. And vitamins can not only be missed, at times when poredenii shag it comes hypervitaminosis.
The cause of hair loss at the lack ofsubstances can be covered not only in the lack of vitamins in the diet, but also in order violation useful components assimilation by the body. The second condition - the most difficult to cope with which only experts can help.
Taking vitamins for hair loss is,If you believe that the reason lies in thinning vitamin deficiency. If the problem is more global, it is necessary to consult a trichologist. An experienced doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment, establish the cause of hair loss, spending survey.

Hair treatment in case of lack of vitamins

If the hair brittle, dull, split, the body can not get as iodine. Dandruff mostly occurs when food comes little vitamin B6 and C.
When hair loss is necessary to make up the shortfallB vitamins These substances are found in legumes, wheat germ, poultry, beef and pork. Rich in vitamins of the group and eggs, cheese, liver, yeast.
Particular attention should be paid to hair thinningVitamin B2 is responsible for the brilliance of curls. To restore the natural radiance is necessary to eat dairy products. Vitamin B2 should be consumed in an amount of about 2 mg per day, to provide power to the hair.
For hair growth need to lean fish, cheese and cottage cheese - in these foods rich in vitamin B9. Vitamin A beauty - E - is contained not only in vegetable oil, but tomatoes.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids or vitamin FIt helps restore hair if eaten vegetable oil. Iodine is found in seafood, seaweed and salt. Folic acid can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables - especially green.

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