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How to get higher education


How to get higher education</a>

Perhaps the most difficult question for both parents and applicants is the question of education. Over the past few years, the system of training and passing exams has changed a lot.

A good diploma can be both a pledge of a successful career, and an advantage for a job in a prestigious campaign.

Therefore, let us consider in more detail how to get the cherished? About higher education.

There are many ways.

You will need

  • Before you read further, decide on yourself by answering a few questions:
  • - Why do you need higher education?
  • - In which country do you want to study?
  • - How much do you want to earn?
  • - What do you know best?
  • - What are you willing to do at least 10 of 24 hours a day?



So, a little bit about speed.

The fastest way to get a diploma is hisbuy. Type in the address bar of the search engine network? Buy a diploma of higher education ?, and forward. Not entirely reliable way, of course, its illegality, but the guarantees will have to be demanded of those who will cook it for your money. Such a pleasure will cost even less than paid training at a prestigious university in the capital.

By the way about the country. If you decide to study abroad, then you will need a reasonable knowledge of the language of the country where you are going and a sufficient amount of money in the purse for the tuition fee. However, with first-class knowledge of the subject, you can qualify for a scholarship. To do this, you need a directory of scholarships and grants provided to Russian students by the European Union and countries? Members of the EU? (Published annually). And for admission to universities in the US and Canada, you must pass a TOELF language test (http://www.toefl.ru). Here is a detailed article with useful links on how to become a US entrant - http://russia-alaska.com/notes/Education.htm


If your interests are in honest gaining knowledge andDiploma in higher education institutions of the Russian Federation, then you need to know the following information. Since 2007, the country has a two-level education system: Bachelor's degree? I, and magistracy, or specialist - II. (See? Federal Law of the Russian Federation of October 24, 2007 N 232-FZ "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation").

At the bachelor study 4 years. At this point, you can stop, or continue, taking the? Master? ? 2 more years.


For admission to any higher educational institutionFor any degree you will need to pass a test - a unified state exam (USE). Two compulsory subjects: mathematics and Russian. Next items are optional, depending on where you decide to go. Documents can be submitted simultaneously to 5 educational institutions.


You can also choose the form of training: Full-time, full-time, part-time (evening), correspondence, external, provided on a free and paid basis. Not all the forms are possible in all specialties. Often day and evening forms of training in the scope of the program is no different. At the evening faculty there are differences: you will study, most likely, six months more "diaries", and for your attendance of lectures will not be much follow.

Distance learning time will take less, at the same time you can work, but the information will be provided in a condensed simplified form, and you will have to acquire knowledge practically independently.


After you pass the Unified State Examination, you are at the university. Now the main thing is not to fly out. Try to go for the first time at the lecture and do not miss the information for students. Establish connections with the dean's office and laboratory assistants of your department, make friends with the students of senior courses, do not hesitate to ask all of them questions. You will have two sessions and writing a course work (one or two) per academic year. At the end of the course, the state examination and the thesis work. To write a diploma you will be allocated half of the academic year.

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