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GROWING in the garden of royal flowers


We cultivate the royal flowers in the garden</a>

In the garden, in the flower garden, many flower growers give a special place to the gorgeous colors of the peony. This perennial, beautifully blooming flowers ennoble the flower garden and give it a truly royal chic.

It has long been believed that the peony is the chosen flower of the Greek gods and the favorite of the Chinese emperors. It is difficult to resist the charm of these flowers, many want to grow them on site.

Peonies are attractive because they have a wide variety of colors, they bloom for a long time, they are well preserved in cutting.



So, as this plant is perennial, it hibernatesIn the soil well enough. It is recommended to plant peonies on sunny areas. In the shade, they can never bloom, and if blossom, the flowers will be small and elongated. Soil is prefered loamy, with good drainage. If groundwater is close to the site, then the plant should be planted on high beds.


Before planting pions, you need to properly prepareLanding pits. Dig a pit to a depth of 60-70 cm, put a humus of 30-35 cm in height at the bottom (about 1-1.5 buckets), add superphosphate and potassium salt (150-200 g each). With such a space under the planting, powerful roots will develop well.


The optimal period for the pion transfer is August. The excavated rhizomes of the plant should be divided with a sharp knife into parts with 3-5 buds. Place slices of crushed coal and put them in prepared pits in such a way that the kidneys were not more than 5 cm underground. Planting should be watered.


In the first year after planting, the plants appearTwo stems. At this time, the pions are actively developing roots. Flowering usually begins in the third year. At this time, the plant needs to be fed either in early spring, or 2-3 weeks after flowering.


Care for the pion is in watering, loosening,Top dressing. Watered rarely, but abundantly (2-3 buckets 1 time per week). Loosening is done after watering. To get larger flowers, you need to patch the side shoots when they reach a size with a pea.

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