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Grown in the garden of the king's flowers

We grow in the garden of the king's flowers

In the garden, the flower garden, many growers have a special place gorgeous peony flowers. This perennial, beautiful flower blooming flowers ennoble and give it a truly royal chic.

It has long been believed that Peony - flower elected Greek gods and a favorite of the Chinese emperors. It's hard to resist the charm of these colors, many people want to grow them in their area.

Peonies are attractive in that they have a wide variety of colors of flowers, bloom continuously stored well in the vase life.



So how is a perennial plant, it overwinters itwell enough in the soil. Planting peonies recommended full sun. In the shade they can never bloom, and if the blossom, the flowers are small and elongated. Soil prefer loam, with good drainage. If the site come close to the ground water, the plant should be planted in high beds.


Before planting peonies need to properly prepareplanting hole. Dig a hole to a depth of 60-70 cm at the bottom of the mold poured a height of 30-35 cm (1-1.5 buckets), add superphosphate and potassium salt (150-200 g). In such a space for planting of the plant will be well grow strong roots.


The optimal time transplanting peonies - the month of August. Dug rhizomes of plants should be divided with a sharp knife into pieces with 3-5 buds. Places slice sprinkled with powdered charcoal, and put into the prepared hole so that the kidney were underground no deeper than 5 cm. The planting must be watered.


In the first year after planting the plant appeartwo stems. At this time the pions roots develop vigorously. Flowering usually begins in the third year. At this time, it is necessary to feed the plant either in early spring or in 2-3 weeks after flowering.


Care peony is watering, hoeing,dressing. Watering is rare, but abundant (2-3 buckets of 1 per week). Loosening performed after watering. To get bigger flowers, you need to pinch the side shoots when they reach the size of a pea.

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