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Cultivation of watermelons in the suburban area


Watermelons in the country</a>

Grow watermelon at your dacha is the pride of any gardener. As with the cultivation of any garden culture, it is also necessary to know some subtleties of agricultural technology.

Having created the necessary conditions, you can get a good harvest of watermelons.

First of all, before planting a watermelon in the countryIt is necessary to determine the area where it will grow. It should be a sunny place, preferably with sandy or sandy loamy soil. Heavy clay soils, as well as chernozem, are not suitable for watermelons. It is also important to know the level of groundwater flowing through this section. The root system of a watermelon occupies a large enough area, it is powerful and capable of sucking water from great depths, but this culture does not like waterlogging.

To protect plants from cold northern orWest winds, tall plants can be planted on these sides, for example, corn or sunflower. However, this is done in such a way that they do not obscure the watermelons. The fruits of this culture will develop well at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees. It is desirable to grow watermelons through seedlings, which will accelerate the ripening of the fruit. The best predecessors for watermelon will be corn or legumes. On the previous planting site watermelons can be returned only after 7-8 years.

Care for watermelons

It is necessary to weed and loosen the soil on the siteWith watermelons. Proper watering is very important for fruit ripening. Water plants only with warm water. Before the flowering, plants need a sufficient amount of moisture, and with the onset of the fruit-setting period, watering is stopped. If the plants continue to water, the watermelons will grow unsweetened and more watery. On each plant there are both female and male flowers, so even under the film shelter pollination will occur, and the fruits will become tied.

To make watermelons grow large enough,One shoot is not recommended to leave more than 5 ovaries. When the fruits become the size of an apple, the growth of the lashes is limited, making them prischipku. To avoid rotting watermelons, it is better to place a plank or other suitable material under them. And that the fruit has matured evenly from all sides, it should be turned from time to time. Approximately, a month after the ovaries were formed, the fruits become usable.

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