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Cultivation of watermelons


Watermelon is a thermophilic plant. It does not like high humidity, but constantly needs sunlight. To grow it, you need to try very hard.

Cultivation of watermelons

Seeds should be soaked in the middle of March. A week later, the first shoots should appear. Then from the film you need to make small pots and fill them with earth. In them, plant sprouted seeds and put them in a warm place at home, preferably with a battery.

By the beginning of May the stems of watermelon grow to 15 cm. Then the seedlings need to be transferred to the greenhouse greenhouse. There it will be possible to transplant in pots of greater capacity and grow till the middle of June.

Further it is recommended to prepare a ridge for watermelons. The earth can be taken from a cucumber or tomato ridge, a bucket of sand and a mineral fertilizer superphosphate. After the earth has warmed up, it is possible to plant seedlings. It is necessary to take roots with a large clod of earth and transfer them to previously prepared holes. Then the ridges are covered with a film, and on warm days it can be removed.

Watering is necessary as necessary. Sometimes potassium permanganate is added to the water to fight diseases and pests.

On the plant you need to leave only two fruits, otherwise they will become small. During the whole of the summer watermelon has stepchildren, they should be removed.

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