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Growing potatoes from seeds


Often, gardeners are faced with the problem of degeneration of potatoes. Once good and prolific variety ceases to yield quality crops and starts to hurt.


Huge planting sites affect the phytophthora and other fungal diseases. This leads to a decrease in yield and damage to harvested potatoes already during storage.

To get rid of crop loss, it is necessaryUpdate varieties. However, buying seed potatoes in nurseries is very expensive. But there is a cheaper way to update varieties. Currently, potato seeds have been on sale.

To obtain high-quality potato, you need to purchase the seeds you like. Seedlings are planted in March-April. Before this, the seeds should be soaked for several hours.

Seedling grows well and develops. But the seedlings need to be highlighted, otherwise they stretch. In May, the seedlings can be planted in the open ground. Care does not differ from ordinary potatoes. But in the first year of planting a plentiful harvest should not be expected.

From one bush you can get aboutKilograms of small tubers of pure high-quality potato. This will make it possible to plant the genetically fresh varieties of potatoes already infected with fungal and other diseases as early as the next year.


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