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Potato growing Adrett



Adretta is blossoming

Me and my family like the potato variety "Adretta" for its taste and increased early maturity. To obtain a very early crop of potatoes, we use some tricks and tricks.

So at the beginning of April, we scatter on the floorSeed tubers of potatoes. After a couple of weeks, potatoes have good sprouts with green leaves. Then we sprinkle the tubers with water and cover them with plastic wrap. This contributes to the appearance of roots. Thus, it is possible to accelerate the development of potatoes for several days.

In early May, when the earth warms up, weWe plant potatoes on the field. We add humus to each well. My "Adretta" pits out of the ground already on the 3rd or 4th day after planting. In the case of recurrent frosts, it is necessary to budge the shoots and scrape them with the earth from the sides so that they do not suffer from low temperatures.

As the potatoes grow, we have to process it from the Colorado beetle. Last time it appeared a lot in our area. Collecting in a hand beetle - just unreal.

In the middle of July we are already harvesting the first harvest. "Adretta" forms beautiful smooth tubers of round shape. There are practically no small tubers.

Potatoes are very tasty and crumbly. Puree from Adretta is simply delicious. It is yellow in color, as if butter was already added to it.

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