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Cultivation of the state


Godetz is a beautiful annual garden flower. Depending on the variety, the state can reach from 30 to 60 cm. Flowers are simple, terry, in the form of bells. The color of the flowers is bright red or mottled.

Cultivation of the state

These flowers are planted to decorate flower beds,Curbs or plants in gardens and near houses. This unpretentious plant can easily grow even a budding horticulturist. Godetia prefers bright sunlight, she is not too demanding on the soil, she prefers moderate watering.

The method of reproduction of this flower is growing from seeds. It is better to sow seeds immediately in the ground, because Seedlings do not get well when transplanting. In two weeks there will be shoots.

The main condition for the successful cultivation of the state -Regular watering. This determines the density of flowering. If the plant receives too little or too much water, then the number of flowers on the plant is reduced. Therefore, watering should be moderate and regular.

It is useful to cut off the state regularly. To do this, remove the discolored inflorescence. This we free the space for the following buds. In addition, the flowerbed without dead colors looks more aesthetically and neatly. The bush of the year is able to grow, so it can be cut to shape the desired shape.

Tall plant varieties require the construction of a support and garter of the bush.

Some gardeners have noticed that ifTo produce an autumn sowing of the state, ie, with wintering, then such plants bloom more quickly. In addition, this method increases the resistance of plants to diseases and pests.

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