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Growing seedlings of cucumbers

Seedlings cucumbers

Every gardener wants to get away from their work a full crop.

To the time spent not in vain, it is necessary to know the various secrets of growing plants.

Today reveal ordinances cucumber seedlings.

Learning and applying them, harvest cucumbers get enviable.



Having bought the seeds of cucumbers, check for germination. Dissolve half a cup of water 1/3 teaspoon salt. Put the seeds in a solution and stir well. Complete the seeds will sink to the bottom of the glass remaining on the surface is unsuitable.


Next slide disinfection of seeds. Put them on for 15-20 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, ie, 100 milliliters of water will need 0.5-1 grams of potassium permanganate. After the procedure, you will protect the seeds from mildew. After removing them from the solution, rinse in normal water.


To permanently ensure the quality of seeds, place them in a wet piece of cloth for germination. It is important to create greenhouse conditions, then for 2-3 days the seeds hatch best.


In that case, if you plan to plant the seeds of cucumbers in the ground, then they need to be tempered. To do this you will need a refrigerator. Leave swollen seeds in the cold for 30-40 hours.


Do not forget, seedlings of cucumbers not toleratetransplant. Therefore, the right thing to plant cucumber seedlings to individual pots. Fill their nutrient mixture in each pot sow two seed. Keep the container at a temperature of 25-28 degrees, cover them with foil. Water for irrigation use only warm. At that time, when there will be shoots, remove the second, once the germ. Note that the plant is not necessary to pull not to damage the adjacent root. It is enough to cut it with a knife.


For further cultivation of cucumbers temperatureAir should be reduced by 5-7 degrees. Under these conditions, the seedlings will not stretch. Create a planting good lighting. Avoid drafts in the room with seedlings.


Can be planted plants when will2-3 dark green full leaf and the root system fills the pot. Good seedling has a squat appearance. 7 days before the removal of seedlings quench it. Hold in the room at a temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius.


Preparing seedlings lasts 20-25 days. Further, it can be planted in a greenhouse. In the open ground planted under the film at the beginning of May. Beginning of June - the time for planting in the ground without shelter.


Wells for cucumber seedlings are prepared in advance. They make manure, humus, ground. Planting cucumbers, not deepen podsemyadolnoe knee plants. After watering sprinkle dry land. Fertilizing is best done foliar, it should be done during the warmer days, but not in the sun. Suitable urea solution, which should be sprayed in the evening.

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