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Pumpkin cultivation in the open ground


Pumpkin is an annual plant, a valueWhich is known to everyone. Flesh pulp is used in many recipes. Very useful pumpkin juice. A plant is easy to grow. Be sure to place at your site at least one hole to plant a pumpkin.



Since the pumpkin is considered a tropical plant,Choose a place to plant it should be well lit. The soil must be digged and fertilized. As fertilizer manure, compost, potash fertilizer will suit.


Before planting the seeds should be prepared. To do this, they must be placed in containers with wet sawdust or gauze. Seeds germinate in about 3-4 days.


In the prepared wells are sown the germinatedSeeds, each with 4 seeds. Places where the seeds are sealed are better covered with cut plastic bottles. They will play the role of a greenhouse and protect the seeds from crows and rooks. When shoots grow, you can leave 2 strong plants in the hole.


The plant is powerful, has a large rootSystem and large stems and leaves. Therefore, it consumes a significant amount of moisture. That's why pumpkin should be watered often, especially in hot weather.


In addition to watering, caring for the pumpkin is to weed, fertilize and form the plant's lashes. On one plant it is better to leave 1-2 stems. When thickened planting will not form fruit.


Shortly before harvesting, watering should be stopped. Thanks to this, the fruits will retain more sugar, and the fruits will not rot during storage.


Usually the harvest is removed in mid-September. To understand the maturity of the fetus, you need to pay attention to the stem. If she began to dry out, then the pumpkin ripe. The change in the pattern of the fetal cortex is also a sign of maturity. In a mature pumpkin, the bark is not squeezed by the nail.

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