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Cultivation of Rosary potatoes


Growing Potatoes of Rosary</a>

For the third year we planted potatoes "Rosary" in the garden.

Although I do not like pink varieties of potatoes, but over time I understood all its advantages and appreciated this variety for its worth.

We plant potatoes for the May holidays. Since the field at us problem, it is necessary to resort to some precautions. In our field potatoes grow more than 10 years, so it is all infected with phytophthora.

And every meter of earth is simply stuffed with larvaeColorado beetle and wireworm. When we dug out potatoes the year before last, some potatoes looked like moving hedgehogs, so many wireworms dug in them.

Therefore, before planting, we etch the tubersPotato with the drug "Prestige". This drug is a very broad spectrum of action. It protects the plant from fungal diseases, Colorado beetle and nasty wireworm for forty days from planting, and then it breaks up into harmless components. In addition, in each hole, we pour a teaspoon of table salt. Salt should destroy the larvae of different beetles. This method is rather controversial, but we continue to use it, because the snapper larvae have become much smaller.

Planting potatoes is not worth thickening, so it was more convenient to process, and the bushes do not shade each other. During the season, we once dip the potatoes and weed as necessary.

"Rosary" very well resists the phytophthora, therefore bushes stand almost to the very autumn. What can not be said about Adrette, which is severely damaged by the fungus in July.

The shape of the potatoes in the Rosary is oval. The weight of the tuber is about 100 grams. Potatoes are not boiled during cooking. Therefore, it can be used in salads. And to make mashed potatoes you have to work a little. And one more positive quality of "Rosary" is the duration of its storage. Potatoes can be stored until the summer, almost without losing marketable appearance.

Therefore, we will continue to plant this time-tested variety, which yields excellent harvests, is stored for a long time and is not afraid of fungal diseases.

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