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Growing fennel

Fennel - spicy celery plant family.

Even in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece itused as a spice and medicinal plant. In appearance it resembles dill: fluffy green twigs, when flowering appear umbrellas, where the seeds ripen, like fennel seeds.

Fennel has a specific pleasant aroma, sweet refreshing taste.

This plant uses all parts: leaves, fruits, petioles, stems.

Farming equipment. Fennel - a plant rather thermophilic,It prefers well-lit areas with moist fertile soil. Whether it should be grown seedling method. However, in the southern regions of the plant can be planted by seeds directly into the soil in early spring. Seeds are sown to a depth of 1-2 cm. Shoots appear on day 20-25. Seedlings are planted in a well-fertilized with manure the soil in late May. Under Fennel is good to add to the soil potassium and nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. The plants are arranged in rows 40-60 cm between plants leaves 8-15 cm.

Care. Care is weeding, thinning, hoeing between the rows, irrigation. Fennel sweet varieties also need to spud to form basal bleached parts.

Cleaning. When growing on green plants are cut atreaching a height of 25-30 cm. Fennel sweet varieties are dug entirely when the basal thickening reach 8-10 cm in diameter. The roots of such plants is stored in cellars, peppered with sand. For spring seeds must be planted in the ground to preserve the roots. Zatsvetshee-two-year plant produces seeds that are suitable for planting.

Using. In cooking, fennel is used as a seasoning forvarious dishes. Young umbrellas and leaves are used in canning vegetables (cucumbers, squash, etc..). Fruit, t. E. The seeds used in baking. A fresh and dried herbs are used as a seasoning for soups, main courses, cold dishes. How to use essential oil flavoring plants in confectionery and perfumery industry. ripe fruit fennel dill water for use in medicine. A decoction of the seeds has diuretic, regulating menstruation means, is able to increase lactation in nursing women. Fruits are also part of the various fees: soothing, laxative, choleretic and breast.

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