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Growing early cucumbers

Growing cucumbers early

Truck farmers are interested in getting an early harvest of vegetables on their plots.

Cucumber - one of the crops, responsive to the various methods of cultivation of early production.

Growing cucumber seedlings

It has proven its seedling methodgrowing early cucumbers. The end result depends on the quality of seedlings, so it is important to get strong and healthy seedlings. The key to good seedling is compliance with the light and temperature regimes.

Well-grown seedlings in cups, and even better - in peat pellets, it will be planted seedlings to a permanent place without damaging the roots. The advantages of growing in tablets:

- Do not dive, enough extra prischepnut rostochki-

- Sprouts not need podkormkah-

- No damage to the root system.

Planting seeds in prepared to spendsoaked peat tablet or boxes filled with sawdust, followed by sparring seedlings at 2-3 days of age in plastic cups 10x10 cm filled with soil. The soil is prepared for the cucumbers from the vegetable garden earth, humus and sawdust at a ratio of 1: 1: 2. During seed germination temperature of 25-30 ° C is maintained, with its germination was lowered to 18 ° C.

Under the film cover on beds or in manureTemporary unheated greenhouses are planted in 15-20-day seedlings. Approximate planting dates May 18-20. After transplanting greenhouse and ridges regularly aired, the film opens (under the weather) at 8-9 o'clock in the morning and close at night in 19-20 hours. Under the film cucumbers hold until the threat of frost has passed.

Varieties of early cucumbers

For early harvest is important to choose the right variety. Well-behaved showed domestic hybrids:

- Zubrenok the F - Medium early, cold-resistant, krupnobugorchaty resistant to disease, high salt-coating kachestvami-

- Nightingale the F - early, pcheloopyljaemogo for open ground, with excellent taste, without gorechi-

- Moscow Nights the F - high-yielding, 7-10 kg per plant, fruits, even in cool weather.

Along with the popular hybridsvarieties Altai early 166, was launched in 1958 and still remains one of the most popular varieties in dachnikov- Muromsky 36 - one of the earliest sortov- Zozulya - cucumbers first appear after 48 days from the date of occurrence vskhodov- rich comes into fruition in 40 days, krupnobugorchatye fruits, without bitterness. Of course, it's a little bit of early varieties. Breeders annual output interesting new varieties and hybrids.

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