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Cultivation of dill


One of the desired types of greenery on the table isdill. If someone might think that dill grows like a weed, it's not. This culture has its own secrets of vegetation. Consider some tips that will help beginners.

Cultivation of dill



Dill refers to annual plants of the family"Umbrella". Its phase of growth is small, so a season can get a few sprouts, it is important to create the right care. Moreover, you can grow dill on the windowsill. To germination of seeds occurred faster, it is worthwhile to rub them in the palms and pour a little water. It is enough for three damp days, at the same time it is necessary to change the water, because The formation of an ethereal film interferes with the penetration of moisture.


Dill grows well in sunny places, inWet, normal type soils. Do not plant the fennel where carrots, parsley and celery were formerly grown. But after tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage, dill is sown. The first crop is usually carried out at low plus temperatures.


It is convenient to plant "in line" or "in the groove". The first option is the simplest one, a line with a width of 1 centimeter is formed, the distance between the lines is 10 cm. Seeding "into the furrow" is more effective in terms of germination. This is due to the fact that the seeds are not blown out and are better rooted. The soil is moistened, the plank is made a groove and the seeds are sown.


The most common ways of growing -Cluster and seedling. At the first distance between the rows is left wider, shoots are thinned more often. This option of care allows you to pick fresh green leaves until the end of autumn. With seedlings, the seeds are germinated in a box, at the end of spring they transfer plants to the ground. This case is good for getting umbrellas in the period of harvesting vegetables and rolling up cans.


Care for dill consists in watering and weeding. For better germination and rapid growth, supplementation with ammonium nitrate and potassium salt will not prevent. Given the unpretentiousness of dill, it can grow in arid places. Watering the beds twice a week, you will get more presentable greens.

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