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Growing cyclamen from seed

Growing cyclamen from seed

Everyone has in an apartment or room in the house of flowers that delight with their beauty. One such plant is cyclamen.

It is long enough to bloom beautiful flowers. And anyone who has ever seen this plant, will want to have it at home.

Usually buy cyclamen in a flower shop, and then just take care of him. If care is correct, then the plant can bloom profusely every year and give pleasure.

However, some growers prefer to grow cyclamen seed.

The point is, of course, troublesome, but a true lover of indoor plants it takes only pleasure.

First of all you need to make a choicesuitable varieties. There are varieties of large-there melkotsvetkovye, there are fragrant, there is no particular smell. Next, you need to prepare a suitable ground. And finally, be patient and comply with agricultural techniques during sowing of seeds and proper care of the shoots. The best time for planting seeds cyclamen - January end, the beginning of February.

The soil is better to buy in a specialty store. It should be easy turf with sand. Fill the container with soil for planting and it is well tamped. If you read on the package with seeds recommendations for planting seeds, the seeds it is recommended to fill with sand or peat. But from my experience I would say that is better to leave the seeds on the surface and slightly push them into the soil. Landings must be watered with care. It's enough to irrigate the soil surface with an atomizer. Then you need to close the drawer dark film, to get a greenhouse effect. Periodically, you need to moisten the soil, but the seeds must necessarily be in the dark. After about a month, and even more will sprout. As long as you see the first leaf, the plant should be irrigated and kept under wrap. Important and temperature. Cyclamen can not stand the heat, the temperature should be no higher than 20 °.

When the first sheet is formed, nodulesCyclamen can be transplanted into individual cups, gently sprinkled them with earth. After 4-5 months, the plants are transplanted to a permanent place in the pots. It is important to transplant ensure that the tuber was above ground.

Now it is necessary to comply with proper careplant. For good growth and flowering cyclamen need to create a comfortable environment for him. First of all - coverage. Cyclamen requires good lighting, but can not tolerate direct sunlight. Also needs a certain temperature. The optimum temperature for cyclamen 17-20 °. If this temperature can not be maintained, it is necessary to periodically spray the leaves of the plant with water defended.

In cyclamen, like many indoor plants,there is a rest period. Usually by the end of spring the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow. It may happen that the tuber becomes completely naked. This is normal. It is better to remove the pot in a dark place, and it is desirable to pour from a pallet. The main thing is to land in the pot does not dry. When will the leaves (2-3 mo.), A flower should be transplanted into fresh soil and continue to usual care.

By ensuring proper care cyclamen, you get beautiful flowers that will decorate your home.

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