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How to grow your nails at home

How to grow your nails at home

The nails are composed of keratin, a protein of the same as the hair.

Usually those recipes that help hair grow faster, can also be used for growth nogtey.Bystro grow nails at home can help the following recommendations.

Add more protein to your diet. Meat, fish, sunflower seeds and cheese are rich in protein. If you do not eat these foods, you take protein powders or supplements that are sold in pharmacies.

Eat amino acid supplements. They are necessary to stimulate the production of protein in the body. Methionine - an essential amino acid, is an excellent source of sulfur, which is beneficial for the health of hair, skin and nail growth.

There are vitamins and minerals,to improve the condition of the nails. Vitamin A and zinc are crucial for their health. Biotin, one of a group of family members in, is also useful. It participates in the formation reaction of keratin, the main component in the nail structure.

Take nutritional supplements on the basis of flax. Flaxseed - a natural product that benefits the body in many ways. One of its components - the essential fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for our body, which itself can not produce them. They help nails grow faster due acids, which in turn strengthens dry brittle nails.

To prevent nails from cracking orbundle, put on vegetable oils nails daily. They contribute to their moisture, which are in great need. Olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil - the three best options. Apply to nails massaging movements, thereby increasing blood circulation and saturation of nutrients. It also helps your nails grow faster.

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