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How to grow a willow


Especially decorative willow in spring</a>

Cultivation of pussy will usually not cause big problems. It grows well on wet loams rich in humus and nutrients.

No special care is required, only spring pruning, and even then - at will.

You will need

  • Seedlings of pussy-willow, soil, fertilizer, shovel, watering can



Select for the planting of pussy shaded areas, it grows well near water bodies - creeks, ponds, rivers. Otherwise, this plant needs frequent watering: at least twice a week under Willow Have to pour out a bucket of water. An exception is possible only in the rainy summer.


Dug up the earth within a radius of three meters. Remove the weeds, in particular - the roots of perennial grasses: sow, swine, nettle, etc. Dig a hole about 1 cubic meter in size. M. Lay on the bottom of the bark of old deciduous trees, sawdust, other vegetable debris. Treat the layer with any means that kill harmful insects. Above the bark pour compost land or rotted manure. Verba is extremely responsive to the high content of nutrients in the soil.


Fertilize with double superphosphate: For one landing you need about 25-35 g of this fertilizer. It is favorable for the development of the root system, so ignore this advice should not be. If you plant Willow In autumn, add potassium nitrate to the pit, sheHelp the seedling to safely winter. But in the North-Western part of the country, spring planting is preferable. Because of the possibility of the arrival of strong frosts before the formation of a stable snow layer, young shrubs can freeze.


Spread the roots of the pussy willow around the mound collectedIn the center of the pit. Keeping the seedlings with one hand, the other is covered with fertile garden soil. Thoroughly pound and pour well. In a week (at a spring planting) the bushes will move into growth. This can be seen by swelling of the kidneys or blossoming foliage - depending on what time you transplanted the plant.


Look after the young willow. It is responsive to frequent watering, fertilizing with nitrogenous mineral fertilizers, as well as trace elements, application of liquid organic fertilizers and loosening. One - two times a season spray Willow Solution for repelling harmful insects. In this case, it is desirable to handle not only the crown, but also the near-trunk circle, since the insects could have time to lay eggs in the ground. To the bush was thicker, bend down the lower branches, peg them with wooden spear and sprinkle with compost soil. They will certainly take root for the season and give the willow new trunks.

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