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Especially decorative willow spring

Growing willow usually does not cause major problems. It grows well in moist loam, rich in humus and nutrients.

Any special care is required, only a spring crop, and then - on request.

You will need

  • willow seedlings, soil, fertilizer, shovel, watering can



Choose a planting willow shaded areas, it grows well near water - a stream, pond, river. Otherwise, this plant needs frequent watering: at least twice a week under willow will have to pour a bucket of water. An exception can only be rainy summer.


Dig the ground within a radius of three meters. Remove weeds, in particular - the roots of perennial grasses: sow-thistle, goutweed, stinging nettle, etc. Dig a hole about the size of 1 cu.. m. Place on the bottom of the bark of old deciduous trees, sawdust and other plant debris. Treat layer any agent that kills pests. On top sprinkle the crust of the earth compost or humus manure. Willow is very responsive to the high content of nutrients in the soil.


Fertilize double superphosphate: one landing, you will need approximately 25-35 g of fertilizer. It is favorable for the development of the root system, so to ignore this advice should not be. If planting willow autumn, add into the pit of potassium nitrate, itsapling will successfully overwinter. But in the North-Western part of the country it is still preferable to the spring planting. Because of the possibility of the arrival of heavy frost before the formation of a stable layer of snow, young shrubs can freeze.


Spread the roots around the mound of willow harvestedin the center of the pit. Holding the seedlings with one hand, pour fertile garden soil. Carefully tamp and pour well. A week later (when spring planting) bushes touched in growth. This can be seen by the kidneys swell or become loose leaves - looking at what time you transplanted the plant.


Care for young willow. It is responsive to frequent watering, fertilizing nitrogen fertilizers, and trace elements, making liquid manure and tillage. One - two times per season spray willow solution to repel harmful insects. It is desirable to handle not only the crown, and tree trunks, as the insects could have time to put the land eggs. To bush was thick, weighs down the lower branches, prishpilivayut their wooden spears and sprinkle compost soil. They are for the season will certainly take root and give the new willow trunks.

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