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How to grow tulips at home in winter

How to grow tulips at home in winter

Tulips - flowers of great beauty who wants to enjoy all year round.

They were especially bright and fragrant buds lacking in the winter.

To compensate for this, many are grown during the cold season tulips home in conventional pots.

Tulips belong to the lily family. These plants are perennial. They are striking in their beauty and special aroma. It is not necessary to wait for spring to start admiring tulips, you can grow them right at home in the winter. Such a process can be started immediately with the onset of cold weather.

Planting tulips home

First of all you need to prepare for tulipspots. They should not be too small, especially if you plan to plant several bulbs at once. It is better to choose a medium-sized pots. High and deep capacity use, so it makes no sense - Tulips have a small root system.

In the next step the ground is prepared. As the soil for planting tulip bulbs can be a pure peat or mixed with a small amount of sand. Also, perlite or garden soil can be used. In addition, the pot will need to add 1 part compost or manure, and a small amount of wood ash. All these components are thoroughly mixed and slightly moistened.
Now you can proceed to the planting of the bulbs. They should act on the 1/3 of the soil. Plant the bulbs should be a short distance from each other -. About 1 cm Then they abundantly watered. Here it is better to use a special solution to tulips as soon as possible began to actively grow. Take 5 liters of water 10 grams of a 0.2% calcium nitrate. If after watering will be seen that the soil is strongly settled, it is necessary to fill up in a small amount to 2/3 of the bulbs are in the ground. The pots are then you need to make in a basement or other room where the temperature does not exceed 10 ° C. When the bulbs sprout in height 5 cm, they must be put on the windowsill, so they began to receive sunlight.

Care for domestic tulips

In order to dissolve as much as possible in the wintermore buds need a special care to look after them. It is important to water the tulips a few times a week, and not to allow the soil to become dry. Twice fertilizing plants produced per month. Here it is necessary to use special formulations, which are sold in flower shops. They divorce according to instructions.
When the buds bloom, watch for so that theyWe have not begun to wither prematurely. To do this, rearrange the pots in a place where there are no strong currents of hot air, ie they do not need to bloom near the batteries or heaters.

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