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How to grow tulips at home in winter


How to grow tulips at home in winter</a>

Tulips are flowers of amazing beauty, which you want to admire all year round.

Especially their bright and fragrant buds are missing in the winter.

To compensate for this, many grow in the cold season tulips at home in ordinary pots.

Tulips belong to the family of lilies. Such plants are perennial. They amaze with their beauty and special aroma. It is not necessary to wait for spring to start to admire tulips, you can grow them right at home in winter. Such a process can begin immediately with the onset of cold weather.

Planting tulips at home

First of all for tulips it is necessary to preparePots. They should not be too small, especially if you plan to plant several bulbs at once. It is better to choose pots of medium size. High and deep containers do not use, so it does not make sense - tulips have a small root system.

The next stage is preparing the soil. As a primer for planting bulbs of tulips, pure peat or mixed with a small amount of sand can act. Perlite or garden soil can also be used. In addition, in the pot you will need to add 1 part of the compost or manure and a small amount of wood ash. All these components are carefully mixed and slightly moistened.
Now you can proceed to planting the bulbs. They should 1/3 over the ground. Plant the bulbs at a short distance from each other - about 1 cm. Then they are abundantly watered. It is better to use a special solution, so that the tulips begin to grow actively as soon as possible. Take 5 liters of water 10 grams of 0.2% calcium nitrate. In the event that, after watering, it will be noticed that the soil has strongly settled, then it needs to be sprinkled in small amounts, so that the bulbs are 2/3 in the ground. Then the pots must be taken to the basement or other room, where the air temperature is not more than 10 ° C. When the bulbs give shoots 5 cm high, they will need to be put on the windowsills so that they begin to receive sunlight.

Care of home tulips

In order for the winter to blossom as much as possibleMore buds, you need to take special care with them. It is important to water the tulips several times a week and not allow the soil to become dry. Twice a month, plants are fed. Here you need to use special compounds that are sold in flower shops. They are divorced according to the instructions.
When the buds bloom, make sure that theyDid not begin to fade ahead of time. To do this, you need to rearrange the pots to a place where there are no strong streams of hot air, that is, they should not bloom next to batteries or heaters.

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